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  1. **New PiTool** Pitool Download Pitool Release Date: 2021/03/03 Version: v1.0.1.269 File Size: 118MB Download New Features: 1.Add Amazon User feedback channel. 2.Optimize application's compatibility. 3.Optimze some headset models' compatibility.
  2. Nice Parity done with Lego's
  3. Pitool and Firmware update https://community.openmr.ai/t/pitool-1-0-1-268-firmware/34520?u=heliosurge
  4. Hmmmm.....DCS is going to make this hard to pass up,With upcoming Helo Modules Mi-24,Kiowa.Apache and Black Shark #3 ....I think the majority of my DCS 2021 time will be "Pulling for Power"
  5. Cypher Administrators 870 594 posts Posted Thursday at 10:13 AM Hello VIRPILs! Today we would like to talk more about our upcoming VPC Rotor TCS and Rotor TCS Plus Collective Bases! As previously announced, there will be two variants of our collective base. Both bases will feature high quality, all metal construction and a clutch mechanism to hold the lever position when released.
  6. Merry Christmas Friends
  7. I'm wondering after the dust settles in a few moths if They'll offer a "Retro Kit" to fit my older[less than a year]CM2 Throttle?
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