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  1. If i find time i try to look how to improve this...
  2. thanks, but you must know that i "improve" colors with photoshop....
  3. Sorry they have some problems with the website, today i try to know about this... I put skin on my website here http://www.nsvge.net/air-ops/Su-27SMK_2048_Loman.zip (15Mo) but to have the last update you must use in " Lock On\Bazar\TempTextures " this two BMP... http://www.nsvge.net/air-ops/SU-27-SKIN-R-09.bmp (13 Mo) http://www.nsvge.net/air-ops/SU-27-SKIN-L-09.bmp (13 Mo)
  4. So for Fps between 18 and 20... enought slow sometime when i have 15 or 20 aircraft in flight....
  5. ok... :) i answer tomorrow when i will be at home after a "shoot party" and some screens !!! ;)
  6. excuse me the good link for this skin... :icon_redf http://pilotes.3rd-wing.com/_skin/92nd/Su-27SMK_2048_Loman.zip
  7. Graphics card ATI memory 256Mo, all setting OPENGL and DIRECT3D on maximun quality ( X6 and X16) for fps i don't know...
  8. the first time i do a mistake and put this skin SU27 on the SU30...because i don't know how to put an other skin in Lock-on...now with loman i don't do mistake.. :icon_roll
  9. good question, i have find this skin on french forum "Check Six", a guy "Ezor" build this skin, and i know that you must used LOMAN 4 to put in Lock-On... But i can ask to him for more information ;)
  10. i work with P4 3.2Ghz with 1Go of memory and screens 1680x1050 px...but sometime it's not enought... :rolleyes:
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