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  1. thank you for replying, holpe that they have a solution. thanks
  2. I can’t see the reason for exported displays have this kind of color and brightness differences. Hope that someone from ED could have a solution, some times is very difficult to adjust like in cockpit.
  3. a way to adjust exported MFD will be verry nice!!
  4. I think the displays in cockpit are to bright too. But the major issue is that they don't match with the extracted.
  5. Speed brakes on A10's is not an axis. It is just a button with 3 positions
  6. just to show what`s going on. Notice the difference between cockpit MFCD and extracted MFCD bellow.
  7. The reason why was set to night, is that I was flying at the evening, so I just prepared the aircraft for night flight. I’ll try to recor a video with extracted displays over the mais display.
  8. 1- I’m exporting the mcfds. 2 my main display is a Samsung 27 inch curve 1080p. My mcfds screen are 8 inch hdmi display 1024x768. 3- I’ve tested with all conditions 4 to be near my main screen I need to increase the brightness. color of the text is different too, green is darker at the exported screen. It’s even different to when positioning the exported one over the main screen
  9. Exported displays are darker than in cockpit displays. Hope that ED fix this issue soon
  10. Hitting moving targets will be different, you will need to move tgp manually. But is a nice video. For static targets will works pretty well
  11. counter-measures Knob left click goes clockwise, mfcd day night knobs are inverted.
  12. Hey, any news about it? here the exported displays are darker than the ones in cockpit. We'd like to see any news about it!!!
  13. But 3/9 isn’t less precise than the constant release?
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