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  1. I only have the JF-17 air refueling module upgrade on my wishlist ;)
  2. Workaround: Make your WMD7 to SOI and press IFF interrogate.
  3. Is there a way to control ground units which are set to "hidden on map"? As a tactical commander I cannot see them on the map and therefore I cannot control them. And if I set the units to visible then F18 clients can see those SAM units on their SA page. Do I miss something or is this just not well thought out?
  4. It would be nice if the second client could switch between co-pilot and doorgunner.
  5. IMO multicrew without doorgunners on the Huey doesn't make any sense. Maybe we have to wait another six years for this... Hopefully the Kiowa will benefit from it. :)
  6. - tanker aircraft should adjust their speed according to the airplane which requests refueling - AFAC / JTAC units reporting any hostile targets in their line of sight and not just pre-selected units/groups in the mission editor - more coalitions, neutral coalition, civilian units - randomization of aircraft/ground units/group spawns (just implement some of the moose scripts in the mission editor ui ;) ) - orders for groups (air+ground) like defend/attack/capture zone x
  7. Looks great. Finally a reason for me to update dcs again when its done ;) Can't wait.
  8. Nice. Is it now possible to host missions with (more and) moving ground units on a server with more than 15(?) clients ?
  9. Gazelle is still my number one DCS module. There are just two things I don't like. - Viviane /TV optic "stuttering" (very frustrating especially when you zoom in) - multicrew seems still not working properly. (but this is I guess a DCS issue) I know a military flight instructor (EC135) and he really likes the Gazelle and the Mi-8 in DCS. His "philosophy" is to fly helicopters with as few control inputs as possible and to use autopilot and trim as much as possible. (Which works really good with these 2 helicopters) After over a year I flew the dcs Uh1 again this we
  10. It is so close but still broken in DCS too.
  11. DCS Update 6 and still falling into the water 5 meters beside a now better looking tarawa :lol:
  12. yep and I still searched for the tarawa spawn bug fix .... :>
  13. unfortunately I already have all the helicopter modules. More DCS helos needed asap please ;)
  14. any news about CH-53 ? :)
  15. also in DCS Update 5 not working
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