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  1. We did two MP sessions, up to 35-40 pilots and in both instances, 2 hours into the mission, lots of members were disconnected from the server for whatever reason. We'll be looking into it more and try getting the mission host by another server to see if we can rule out server issues.
  2. The other way around is even more annoying. Type in the chat, press enter, close chat window with CTRL-SHIFT-Y and now DCS doesn't register any keypress within the cockpit. After opening and closing the chat window again, it works again.
  3. Hi Deadlyfishes, do you have any reports of masss-disconnects from the server? We have had 2 mass disconnects but the server keeps running, around 2 hours into a mission..
  4. You might want to look into a matrix style set-up for your LEDs in order to make sure one mega can run all the warning and caution lights. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BuiltInExamples/RowColumnScanning as an example. It frees up pins and still allows for lighting or flashing each individual LED.
  5. In DCS, you can use a MANPADS unit as a boots on the ground JTAC as it can use the binos, pop smoke and launch flares.
  6. Same here, massive FPS hits when selecting terrain on the NS430, even worse when zooming out. AMD 3700X, GTX1080, CV1 and 32Gb ram.
  7. I wonder what the recovery procedure, if any possible, there is should one loose tail rotor effectiveness?
  8. I doubt you'll find public data on the russian version of IFF, it's Device 6201 according to the manual and a quick search yielded some results.
  9. Cab'tyou use the mode with the red arrow, meaning the more you move your mouse away from the circle, the faster it moves? I forgot the name but I use it from time to time to track targets as it's much easier that way.
  10. Well, it's been a while and there have been a few patches, maybe the issue is resolved now?
  11. I'm not going to touch upon the current VRS conditions in the Mi-8 but from a wider point of view, the MI8 is a module integrated into an existing simulation engine. Up to how far this engine is able to recreate atmospheric conditions that will allow a module to fly "right" is something we do not know. We know from certain bits of information that the whole rotor system is calculated by the module itself, there are different approaches to that in each RW module. What we don't know is how this interacts with the simulation engine that's under the hood. Having seen how far the other modules will go over published flight models and survive as well as the other way around, crash well within the envelope, it may mean the sim engine itself is not up to par to allow a module to fully simulate its rotor system in any atmospheric condition like pressure, temperature, humidity and wind. It may improve, it may not, currently the dev-time is, as always, limited and most likely going into the AH-64 but maybe someday will come that they'll take a look at the MI8's behaviour as well as their own engine and make tweaks/repairs.
  12. Make sure to select the mirror option in the set-up menu:
  13. From PC discord, 23-3-2021:
  14. It goes digital with all the pros and cons we now know. The book does a fine job of taking apart the modules that make up a weapon system and that's about it. How would this document contribute to the overall discussion of this thread, the fact that at a sum of ATA/TA > 55, it breaks lock?
  15. Two weeks (tm) man.
  16. It doesn't give radar power, EIRP or any other power factor to work with. Also, how do I read the graph for the Active-PD seeker? Do I read it from right to left, as would be the case since the radar actually gets closer and closer to the target, whereas the SA variants are totally dependend of the radar of the guiding aircraft. so I should read their graphs from left to right? Not to be nitpicking but just post a link to the complete book instead of cherry-pciking stuff out of it without the full context, it doesn't make sense.
  17. I would say the first, SARH/ARH radar modes, jamming and all that sorts. The main question the OP asked, the sum of ATA and bank angle > 55 = loss of lock, is still open and we're awaiting HB response on the matter.
  18. It was the case that when in a vehicle and pressing the autopilot button without any waypoint set, would switch off the engine, I don't know if that's still the case though.
  19. Are you still working on the oiler?
  20. It's been explicitly mentioned on several parts of these forums and on PC discord that a Little0Bird is out of the question. Boeing is not going to license the product nor give any information about the design of the helicopter since it's still in active service. Bottom line, not going to happen for a long, long time.
  21. The MK13 GMLS has its reload time totally wrong in DCS, it's specified at 8 seconds after reaction, see https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ship/weaps/mk13-gmls.pdf Also, NATO ships operate on the doctrine LOOK-SHOOT-SHOOT so you will almost always launch two missiles at one threat. The other thing that's a bit missing is the layered defense tactic. You start with long range SAMs, after that comes short range SAMs, cannons and lastly point defense weapon systems. What I see is that a ship will fire a couple of missile and then wait, only to begin firing its CIWS but not using its 76mm or 100mm guns at a longer range. Oh well, there's a lot to be said and done in ship defense, I can only hope we can provide info to the ED team to model ship defenses as it should be and not have a whole fleet go PANIC mode once a threat is detected and empty their magazines...
  22. Did a test, mission and track attached. I made a couple of groups, each containing 4 launchers and 1 radar. They were set to attack the Tarawa which sails from the South to the North. Each group detects the Tarawa and launches 1 silkworm missile. Remarkably, one group fires two silkworm missiles. After that, all groups wait for their missile to either hit or get hit by defenses and fires again, one missile with one group firing two. At this rate, there's no way to make the Silkworm a viable enemy for warships as a single missile is easily defeated. You really need to swarm the defenses with missiles in order to saturate ships defensive systems. silktest.trk silktest.miz
  23. From what I've learned is what the radar technicians did was to look at the aircraft from whatever source they could get and than guestimate sizes of the panels used on the F117. They found that approximately 2 meters of flat panel was used somewhere on the aircraft and tailored their radar to emit in the VHF range (around 150Mhz). as with all metals that are hit by radiowaves and their length corresponding to the wavelength, it begins to acts as an antenna and the return of that signal is alot stronger than using any other frequency. This allowed them to track the stealth aircraft and fire a missile at it. Also, as Kamikaze pointed out, they knew what and where it was coming, making searching for it a whole lot easier.
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