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  1. Ever since I installed Lomac my CD RW drive isn't able to burn cd's. How do I fix this?
  2. To add - I appreciate those like GGTharos who offer explanations and logical thinking.
  3. Thanks Carl. Does anyone know if this 1.1 is like the Naturalpoint Starforce? - or will the buyer have to do it online? All this doesn't bother me too much - whichever is easiest to get my friends started in on Lomac is important to me, the easier to get started - the better for Lomac IMO
  4. Can you ask them to include the previous fixes in this patch? (ie. LOD) Thanks for update
  5. Since he got a code - does that mean he doesn't need the cd to run the game vs. the cd from naturalpoint?
  6. Well, not good news if it's illegal thing here - I took assumption that all companies involved know what is going on. Hopefully that is true. And I saw mention now of this starforce - bummer.
  7. This is great news if so - it will make getting new pilots easier - it was a major hassle having our new guys buy both versions just to fly. Does it need Starforce then? Removing this Starforce would really help sales I think - people don't want Starforce installed on their machines - there is a 10 page thread on this in the IL2 forums. Customers are not happy with it - I haven't had these issues, but still...it's obviously getting bad press :(
  8. I've been playing it alot this summer, just not on HL -doing mostly direct IP or some offline quick missions. I bought the FC1.1 and enjoy flying it with squadmates -- nothing better than watching the enemy take a hit with the fantastic lomac explosions! I would like to have the F15 capable of some ground attack capability - that would top it off for me :)
  9. "They say its the 50% setting although IMHO they failed to make it work as they first intended. its being adressed in the patch." Not to open a can of worms, already been there, done that. But, I think they ought to apply in this patch what they think is right, and leave out the slider. I think it's silly having a 'missile effectiveness slider' anyway. Could you imagine IL2 having a 'bullet effectiveness slider' - lol WTF!
  10. Maybe I am missing something - are we looking at a non-jet flight sim addon then? I guess when I think Lomac I think jets, I was baffled because I didn't realize there was much demand for a non-jet in the jet sim community. Just strikes me as odd I guess, or maybe I'm the odd one - lol - I just picture the time invested in Ka50 could have been a new flyable jet instead :) edit: "Don't worry, alot of us all thought the same thing with the 25T but it was well worth it." Well, maybe, but the 25T is a great addition as a ground pounder :)
  11. yeah, welcome -it's very very fun and a good challenge
  12. I think I worded it wrong too - I was going beam vs. f-pole when I lost him. But what you said still applies I see :)
  13. ok thanks again. I will try this out - I'm picking up from you that I am too close at 7km to worry about BVR and should be using the AACQ mode. Again, thanks!
  14. thanks for quick reply: with labels off (which I prefer) - I'd really not know his position, all I would know is that I just f-pole - now turning back, I have lost radar and not sure exactly where he is? Should I just go WVR and fire a slammer without worry of a lock?
  15. Hi - question: I'm in a F15 vs a Su27 I get a lock, he is jamming. I place him off to my right side in the VSD screen on the left. I get within range and fire, but realize he has fired. I turn further to my left, basically in f-pole position. This manuever saves me from his first shot - he is now avoiding my first shot. I turn back toward him - let's say approximately 7km. Couple of things occur: 1. after the F-pole - he is not on the bottom warning screen 2. I am unable to find him on radar. As for #2, I turn on labels - he's definitely 7km away and right in front
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