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  1. Какой ты мегахакер?! сообщение отредактировано Модеруном, спам удален.
  2. Хочу иммигрировать в Европу, нашла сайт http://www.cernis.cz и заинтересовалась. А Вы что думаете по этому поводу?
  3. сообщение отредактировано Модеруном, спам удален.
  4. Хочу иммигрировать в Европу, нашла сайт http://www.cernis.cz и заинтересовалась. А Вы что думаете по этому поводу?
  5. Рад, что аудитория Локона старается переносить задежки релизов и прочие тяготы с юмором. Уверен, что возможный перенос даты выхода "Горячих скал" на март вы воспримете с должным пониманием и долей юмора :wink:
  7. thanks for your answer, i think you are right.
  8. i dont know if you try to answer my question or if you ask a question too ? maybe my question was not clear enough so i will reformulate it. Using Loman 2.1 i have installed a lot of stuff for Lock on (my current verion is 1.02), do i need to uninstall all this stuff before installing the addon 1.1 on my lock on copy.
  9. Greetings to all Devs, Testers etc. You do a great job! Everyone in the Muliplayer Community will is desperately looking forward to a DEDICATED SERVER Version! PLZ let it happen! Oh, and one mor wish: PLZ rework the Radar Modes for the F 15 too, it does not work correctly when trying to set the Elevation etc. Kind Regards from Germany Brati
  10. Hi LOMAC- Enthusiasts! Why the Vikhr-Missiles has a spirally flight path to the target? Never seen this on other Missiles. In Comanche vs. Hokum they have an direkt flight path... Thanks for answer the question and sorry for my bad Englisch.
  11. hi everybody, my question is directed to the lock on devs & beta testers. a lot of Lock on simmers use custom mods with lock on : mods for skins, mods for sounds (hi zzz wazzup ?! :shock: ), etc... So, before installing the addon is there anything that we need to uninstall to have a clean install of 1.1 version in order to prevent any conflicts. Cya
  12. Will it be in v1.1? Will it work with the Su25T? Hugely impressed with the list of features for v1.1 . . . . can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it :)
  13. any updates in the mission editor? it is probably too late now but events and randomization (setting a random % of an aircraft in the mission appearing) would be awesome. if you do a dedicated server, don't forget to add automatic map rotation! can't wait for 1.1
  14. Hi all... Alfa... Dejligt at se at der er en dansker med i beta team :) [Translation: Nice to see a dane in the beta team]
  15. Dedicated Server It would be REALLY great if you could develop a dedicated server. I believe the fact that there is no dedicated Server Version is the major reason for the small number of players in the hyperlobby. A dedi Server would be much more stable i think (because there is no gui, no gaphic), and it would give us the ability to play with more than 8 people or so. It would be a big present to the community and all the Lockon fans out there ;) PS: u guys rock
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