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  1. Curious, when you look for the F-15 in the aircraft type drop-down list, is your mission type set to CAS or Ground Attack? If so, since the F-15 is an air superiority fighter, it won't show up on the list. Change it to CAP or Intercept and you should see it. If that wasn't the cause, I'm not sure what the issue is...
  2. Also here (Caucasus map), crashing while in ME - in my case, I was simply changing the pre-configured loadouts, switching R-60's to R-60M's in the Mig-21, saved, then crash. No such behavior before yesterday's hot fix. I sent in the crash log via the error dialogs that popped up after the crash.
  3. +1 and Saitek X52 throttle and Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals.
  4. Great interview! Thanks for sharing the link.
  5. I tried it tonight, and as you suggested surstromming, once I changed the master mode to ANF I was able to lock the target with TV. However, according to the manual, it should also work with NAV mode as before, it's just that with NAV mode you won't be able to see anything in the sight until you UNSAFE the weapon, whereas in ANF mode you will be able to see through the sight regardless of SAFE/UNSAFE mode. Thanks - at least I can use it now, but it would be good if it was fixed so TV worked in NAV mode.
  6. I was in NAV mode, only because it used to work fine in nav mode before and I didn’t think to change it. I’ll try to test it tonight in ANF mode. Thanks!
  7. After today's update, I flew the Viggen, and I can't seem to lock a target using the collimator sight with TV button - it acts like T0 (i.e. bore sights the missile). I tried with the RB-75 and RB-75B, and while T0 (bore sight) and T1 (slew) works, as mentioned TV does not lock the target in the cross hairs but moves the sight up to what appears to be the bore sight position.
  8. No, this is different... nothing will turn it off as mentioned, unless you choose another aircraft (or turn the helmet volume all the way down). I think it's mission specific, just haven't figured out what's different about a (big) mission we use in our squad (where I hear the beeping only when I host or play it in off line mode), and other missions where I don't hear it... strange.
  9. The SA342 Mistral is equipped with 4 IR guided missiles, and I believe they are all aspect. It’s likely this is the type of Gazelle that shot you down :).
  10. Yes, that's correct. If you are running open beta, you cannot fly the Mig-21 or SA342 until they re-open the cockpit view for these modules in a follow up update/hot fix. You would need to run the release version to fly them at the moment (or don't apply the update from yesterday, if you haven't already).
  11. From yesterday's open beta update: Known Issues Due the technical issues the cockpits of MiG-21bis and SA342 are temporary disabled in this build.
  12. Well, obviously you hadn't experienced it... I was just trying to describe the issue. No worries, as I've figured out my problem thanks to Elysian Angel: Thanks Elysian Angel! Since I have a MS FFB2 stick, I had used the Special option for Joystick Mode of: "Displaced Neutral (FFB)", and never thought about it again. I changed it to "Nonlinear "mode, and it made a huge difference! Now, the jet doesn't pull up automatically all the time, I can actually use the normal trim range and it flies level! I'm glad I re-read through this thread :).
  13. I've never been able to fly the F-5E level without a lot of downward stick pressure... I have to trim down as far as it will go, and only then can I fly level - still with a little less forward stick pressure. Even with full nose down elevator trim, if I hold my stick in the centered position, the F-5E will start to climb and if I don't push down, it'll go vertical and stall out... it's crazy, and has really affected my flying time with this aircraft (don't fly it much at all any more). I still use a MS Force Feedback 2 stick, so maybe there's something that's not working right with that old stick. But I don't have any issues with other DCS modules re: the overdone elevator lift. If the trim range for nose down would be as large as the nose up trim, I could probably get it to the point where it would fly level without any forward stick pressure.
  14. Glad it’s working for you now :thumbup: .
  15. More than likely, your VCB power selector is on standby (V) instead of on (M). Once you rotate it clockwise one more "click", you should be good to go and it should show the laser range. This dial is just in front of the VCB joystick, the dial on the right.
  16. Actually, easy enough to miss, but in my original post I noted: - It has something to do with the Helmet, as when I hit Esc, Options, Audio tab, if I move the slider for Helmet all the way down to 0% and hit OK, that regular beeping sound is gone. But, if I do that, I can't hear any sound from the ground crew, ATC, etc. Also, if I move the top/first slider all the way to 0, the beeping goes away as well (master volume? can’t remember what it’s called).
  17. Yes it does - it has a couple of scripts... good point, I’ll have to check the Logs folder in saved games to see if there are any errors. EDIT - I did see some errors in the DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.log: ERROR: [string "C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua"]:1824: attempt to index local '_device' (a number value) (forgot I had SRS in the saved games DCS.openbeta\Scripts folder). However, after removing these scripts, the beeping still occurred. Then I made a copy of the mission in question and disabled all of the scripts (uses MIST, plus a version of automan, plus a home grown script) and the beeping still persists. So, while a good thought, it appears it's not "external script" related. So, I'll keep digging to see what could be unique about this mission that is causing the beeping/conflict.
  18. Sorry draconus, I hadn't ignored your post. I use TrackIR 4, and I had checked my bindings and didn't see any conflicts. I also am not running any mods. I'm still trying to figure out the pattern... but it may be mission specific as you hinted to. The mission I ran actually causes the beeping whether I play it in MP mode (as the host/server) or as a mission (SP). However, when a squad mate hosts, and I connect as a client, I'm not always hearing the beeping, so very strange. Not sure about uploading.. let me ask as we use it as a squad training mission. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what's unique about this mission that would cause the beeping, vs some other missions I have that don't cause the beeping.
  19. Hey DarkFire - actually I did... I repaired DCS and it still had the beeping (still inconsistent, although only on MP). I even uninstalled the FC3 module, rebooted and then reinstalled it after firing up DCS... same thing, so I'm still trying to find the magic bullet as to the cause.
  20. Thanks guys, no mods being used, but I’ll keep trying to isolate. The fact that a squad mate also has this from time to time on MP may help figure out the root cause. I will see about testing in MP a new fresh mission created with tha latest OB version. A couple missions that I play have been around for a while, so maybe there’s some combination of parameters that aren’t supported any more that could be causing a conflict. When we fly a mission created by another squad mate after 2.5 in MP, we haven’t heard the beeping recently...
  21. It's definitely from the DCS sim - it only comes on when I hit the FC aircraft power (e.g. Right-Shift-L), and when I go back to spectator, it goes away, then comes in with the next FC aircraft when I turn on the power, etc. Also, as mentioned, once it starts, if I go to options, and lower the volume of the "helmet" option, it also goes away. Just isn't consistent though, which is making it more difficult to diagnose (only MP, but not all the time).
  22. Running open beta. Also, strangely enough, yesterday I joined a squad-mate’s multiplayer server (running OB, this has all been on OB), and I didn’t hear the beeping on any of the FC3 aircraft. It was great to fly beep-beep-beep free, but still I’m puzzled what the cause is, as I’m sure it will come up again.
  23. +1 on the sun glare issue. I hadn’t flown the Mig-21 for a while, but finally did last night, and I must say the sun glare is artificial looking and overdone. It takes your attention away from flying, it’s so intrusive, and looks nothing like what the view from any other DCS aircraft is. Please adjust - thanks in advance.
  24. Pretty sure it's not the RWR, one clue is that when I turn off the power by hitting right-shift-L again, the beeping continues. Also, this is apparently only happening when playing a mission in multiplayer mode. When I start a multiplayer (i.e. one that has client aircraft) mission using the Mission menu option, I don't hear the beeping. But when I start it via the Multiplayer menu option, I hear the beeping for all FC aircraft, as mentioned when I turn on the power via right-shift-L. I've attached a track where I start a multiplayer mission as the host/server, then jump in an A-10A, F-15C, Su-25A and Su-25T, and you can hear the beeping. server-20180719-152938.trk
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