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  1. I’ve dropped CBU-97s in CCRP mode from 20k ft+ using the TPOD, works great. I’ve found that I get more accurate results when I use area tracking and move the TPOD cursor a little short of the target. No problems with the submunitions releasing/bursting.
  2. For triggers - we currently have the ability to use AND and OR keywords between trigger condition rows. Can parenthesis be added so we can group multiple lines of OR conditions? This way, you can then check against a number of OR conditions being true, and then still group that with other AND conditions. It would allow for more complicated trigger logic without having to use a bunch of flags.
  3. Thanks bell_rj, but I’m not getting it to work. When I click down once on the ICP it highlights the “NB” at the lower right of the data panel. If I press “1” on the UFC for preset one, it changes from NB to WB, so I’m not following. Edit: Actually, I got it to work with more experimenting. So I hit COM1 and simply clicked on the preset number on the UFC (1 in this case, for UHF 240.00 for AWACs ), then hit ENTR in the UFC. As you mentioned, once I went back to COM1 it shows “1” at the top instead of the preset frequency, but it’s working at least.
  4. I’ve been able to change the preset, but then how do you select it so it changes the actual frequency you are on? I.e. the frequency showing at the top left? Thanks..
  5. This. I noticed my HMCS went away as well and had apparently accidentally hit DMS up. After hitting DMS down it came back up for me as well.
  6. Actually, if I don't have a waypoint near a target, once in CCRP and the TGP is the SOI, I just use the OVRD OSB button on the TGP screen, clicking it twice. This brings the TGP camera target box near the flight path marker on the center of the HUD, including the flight path line, so you can then just point your aircraft towards the target. Then you can hit TMS up to make the TGP camera/cursor stick (hit TMS down to reset it near the flight path marker again, if needed). After the cursor sticks/ground stabilizes, you can slew the TGP cursor to the target area, and now hitting TMS up will switch between point and area track. If you hit the TMS down it will reset the TGP camera again to the center of the HUD and you'll have to point your aircraft to the target again to hit TMS up to re: stick/ground stabilize the cursor/target box.
  7. +1 I was just noticing this as well, as I was finally trying to use the Lantirn pod in the RIO's seat in single player, and kept having to do exactly what's described above each time I went to the adjust-controls page. One time I miss/un-mapped a Pilot control setting as I forgot it defaulted to the pilot and had to quickly undo it lol.
  8. I’ve been having the same difficulties with AI JTAC lately. They are accurate with stationary targets, once they lase I have no issues hitting the targets. However, moving targets it’s another story. I can tell the AI JTAC (using a TOW equipped HMMWV usually, on weapons hold ROE) is lasing, as I can see the GBU-12 adjusting its flight path.. but in all cases with moving targets the bomb hits behind the moving units (unless it’s a long column on a straight road, then you might get lucky and hit one). It’s almost like at some point the AI JTACs were changed to area track and don’t continue tracking the moving vehicles. I recall it used to work for moving targets.
  9. Sounds similar to a post I had pertaining to the cockpit shake on the F-14, but only after hooking up with the catapult sled/shuttle via the “u” key: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3866098&postcount=26
  10. Currently in the DCS mission editor, if you create a trigger you can use the OR condition with two or more expressions. Of course, if you put two expressions without an OR in between it’s assumed that the two conditions are AND’ed. What’s missing is a way to group multiple lines so that you can properly use the OR (and assumed/default AND) properly with multiple rows of conditions. For example, it would be very helpful to have something like this, so we didn’t have to use multiple flags or convert to a Lua script: ( Expression A Expression B ) OR Expression C Thanks! Relent Edit: Moderators, please change “model” to “mission” in the subject shown in the topic list view... thanks.
  11. Having the same issue with the F-14, posted my observations/thoughts in this F-14 thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3866098&postcount=26
  12. Having the same problem, after enough times I see what "appears" to be the pattern. Basically, as you creep forward to line up with the shuttle, if the nose gear/bar goes past the shuttle, even if when you hit "u" and it pushes you back slightly and raises the blast shield, hitting the salute key combo (LShift-u) does not initiate the catapult launch. Also, I notice that when you've gone past the shuttle and hit "u", the plane (from the cockpit POV) is shaking quite a bit. Whenever I see the shaking, it's pretty much guaranteed not to launch after the salute. So basically the solution I've seen, is to release the shuttle ("u"), enable nose wheel steering and move (i.e. in a circle) to re-align with the shuttle again. But this time, I'm very careful about not passing the shuttle... almost like you have to be just short of it when you latch to the shuttle ("u"), and not observe any (major) shaking - then the salute launches OK for me.
  13. I was able to replicate the error just now in the mission editor: - Added F-5E-3, SKILL=Client - Changed the COMM value (MHz AM) just under the PILOT text box in the upper right of the properties pane to "124", where the numbers turned red - Clicked Save and I got the error dialog as you did: "Invalid frequency 124 MHz" - After changing that value from 124 to something valid (for the F-5E-3 UHF radio AN/ARC-164) between 225 and 399.999, I was able to save the mission. So it seems that when you add an F-5E-3, it's somehow defaulting the COMM value to 124, which does not allow you to save the mission. Can you check what value you have, and if it's 124 change it to a valid value.
  14. Whatever key you use to bring up Jester (e.g. "A" key, or in my case a button on the throttle), once the wheel comes up and you move your head (assuming Track IR, for example) to point the line that comes out of the center of the wheel to one of the wheel slices, just hit that same key (e.g. "A") to select that slice/command. Also (assuming using Track IR), if you don't point to one of the slices (e.g. leave your Track IR/head centered) and hit the Jester (i.e. "A") key, you can "drill down" to the next level of Jester commands. Keep hitting the Jester key (while your Track IR/head centered) and eventually it'll close the wheel. Not sure if that helps given your way of invoking the Jester wheel, that's just how I invoke it.
  15. That's correct. So it may not be for everyone. However, it's an old stick that isn't really supported, so I don't expect the FF to work much anyway, but without the return to center the stick is useless. So I'm good with just being able to use it for all my sims without having to worry about the tension. As mentioned, you can always try it and see if you can at least fly the F-14, then if you want to get the FF back just check Allow instead of Deny and you're golden.
  16. I just disable the FF effects via the registry, which gets me back the return to center force on my MS FFB 2. Otherwise I get the limp joystick effect sometimes with BoX, CoD, and DCS. All I really want is that return to center force, so for me it's worked great. Here's the steps (works on Win 7 and 10 for me) if you want to try (if you don't like it, you can always change the permissions back to Allow and you're back the way you were: - Open the registry editor (click the "Start" Windows icon at the left of the start bar at the bottom of the desktop and type "regedit" in the text box marked "Search programs and files"). - Navigate to the following "hive" via expanding the folders under "Computer" on the left pane: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/MediaProperties/PrivateProperties/Joystick/OEM/VID_045E&PID_001B/OEMForceFeedback - Once you see the "OEMForceFeedback" folder, right-click on it and click "Permissions.." - You should see "Everyone" under the "Group or user names" - left click on it to highlight it, then under "Permissions for Everyone" click the check box under "Deny" and to the right of "Full Control" - Click OK - Close the registry editor
  17. Thanks, I was scratching my head on that one as well.
  18. Assuming you're referring to the trim effectiveness being next to nothing, while the trim appears to be working (i.e. the trim gauge on the forward panel). I had the same issue, and I use a MS FFB 2 stick (so I have force feedback checked in the options). What did it for me was changing the joystick mode in the "Special > F-5E" page from "Displaced Neutral (FFB)" to "Linear". Once I made that change, the F-5E trim was much more effective and I could actually fly the aircraft level without it always wanting to climb.
  19. You're right, I forgot about the 530D's.. as per the manual: WEAPONS The M-2000C can load a number of different air - to - air missiles and air - to - ground munitions. However, due to limitations of the targeting computer, it is not possible to mix Super 530D missiles with air-to-ground weapons, and not possible either to mix different kinds of air-to-ground weapons. Doing so (for instance rockets and bombs, Mk-82s and Belougas etc.) may result in system not being able to handle the configuration and thus not work properly. Do not mix air - to ground weapons, use only one type for the mission. Failing to do so may result in inability to deliver any munitions.
  20. For air-to-ground ordinance, I believe you have to use the same weapon type on all pylons. Thus you can't mix GBU-24 and GBU-12. Try using all GBU-12 next time on the inner/belly pylons (air-to-air weaponry can also be used in conjunction of course on the outer pylons).
  21. I had the same issue tonight, was curious if anyone else had the same issue as well, seems someone did. I was using a ground JTAC in this case, an armed HMMWV, and after several attempts I finally got a type 2 with WP and laser which is what I configured in the FAC assign group section. I was getting a few no mark and WP only, then kept saying cannot comply, before I got the WP and laser. In any case, I had the same issue - was using an F-5E with 4xGBU-12s, but same result. Got the smoke, indicated to turn on the laser, and each time the bomb tracked perfectly but to a spot BEHIND the moving vehicles. I'm wondering if this is a bug or just a limitation of AI JTAC to only be affective with static targets.
  22. Yes, CA is a little odd, it’s presented to the player as the F10 map view. Once you load a mission that has ground vehicles which are drivable, and you have a slot (if MP) or a player (in SP) which is a tactical commander, for example, you first have to click on a drivable vehicle from that F10 view. Then you can either click on the tank icon at the top of the screen, or hit the “right-alt” and “j” key (default mapping I believe) and you will then be shifted to a gunsight view from within that vehicle.
  23. +1 Especially useful for training missions, for example, where you want to have all tanker types available. Nice if each type could have their own call sign.
  24. Happens to me as well. I can’t recall the exact time in the startup process, seems to catch me off guard sometimes. I think it’s after asking the ground crew to apply air to the second engine, then the engine spools up and then at some point the throttle seems to increase to full power on its own and the jet rolls forward often getting stuck in the grass if starting from a hangar. I don’t have a track either. What I’ve done to get around this is as the second engine spools up and the RPM stabilizes, I jiggle the throttle (now controlling both engines) slightly up and back down to idle. This seems to cancel the rapid (and seemingly on its own) ramp up of throttle. It’s almost like without that little jiggle, once the second engine spools up, the system treats the throttle like its at full power until you give some throttle input.
  25. Just downloaded and tried for the first time - nice work deadlyfishes! Still need to play with the trigger configuration as described in the docs (ran it stock), but so far I like the randomness of ground and air action. One small item, when I called up a pair of mig21_blue via the Zeus like F10 marker -create command, they were clean (I.e. no missiles). This is in the Caucasus mission. Well done!
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