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  1. Something else you can consider is filtering the contacts on the FCR. If you look at the F-16 manual, page 156: Radar Display Filtering Track symbols displayed on the FCR page may be filtered using the UHF/VHF Transmit switch. This affects tracks displayed on the radar display only and does not affect those displayed on the HSD. Positioning the switch inboard short (less than .5 sec) rotates between three filter options ALL. All symbols are displayed FTR+. Surveillance tracks are removed TGTS. Surveillance and PPLI tracks are removed. Positioning the
  2. This was the biggest help for me, thanks for the tip. Before I would get the never ending pitch oscillations when trying to correct altitude. Also setting mode to a-g seemed to help dampen the controls, but would need to test more. For the first time I was able to AAR last night and fill the tanks. Even on att hold, with enough stick movement (short movements) you can get just enough altitude adjustments to creep up/down to the basket altitude, but then it more or less stays there without oscillations .
  3. Had the same thing happen in BF (where no waypoints are assigned) - in OB 2.5.659398. Used CZ and then SP on the TPOD. Was able to slew to a target vehicle, but the CCRP drop line was no where near the bearing to the target (was going to drop a gbu-12). I will have to test this after adding a steer point during the mission to see if CZ/SP do the same thing re: CCRP drop line... EDIT - tried off line, and was able to reproduce. Spawned an F-16C cold with no waypoints, and when I went A-G and CCRP, the drop line was off on some arbitrary heading. On TGP (as SOI) I once again hi
  4. R.I.P. Chuck, blue skies +1 on his flight simulator... wow ions ago.
  5. Tried again after the recent update, works now (i.e. Nevada map, cold ramp start, no waypoints assigned to aircraft, adding a steer point after INS align) - now waypoint shows where it's supposed to be on the HUD in NAV mode.
  6. Thanks BIGNEWY - one more thing to add.. in my testing, it seems to work OK on the default Caucasus map - i.e. no waypoints assigned, if I add a steer point, it works OK, after alignment the point shows up where I expect it in the HUD. It's just Nevada that I keep having the issue of the "random" placing of the steer point on the HUD.
  7. I’ll have to try a full align, as I usually just confirm the coordinates already there from the stores values, during alignment. Also, I saw that phantom issue when I entered the coordinates on the ground (stil with no predefined waypoints), and it seemed to correct them (distance wise, on the HUD), although they were still in the wrong place when I took off. I will try more testing, plus try different maps... thanks.
  8. I had the same issue, in Nevada, where the steer point in the hud showed up dozens or even hundreds of miles away. In the case of Nevada, the coordinates in the F10 map are N and W, so I assume for longitude I’m supposed to use W and not E... I used the correct format, as noted, I.e.: For N/S coordinate it is DD.MM.mmm For E/W coordinate it is DDD.MM.mmm Also, this was air start with an F-16 with no waypoints. Is INS messed up in air start with no waypoints assigned? I haven’t tried yet on the ground, cold ramp start, with no waypoints (which I will have to try). This was to practic
  9. As noted this works. You can change the number of chaff/flare dispensed via the CMDS settings on the DED with program 5.
  10. I posted in your other thread first, didn’t see this one at that time - pasting the response here... Works ok for me. Is the TGP MFD the sensor of interest? Use DMS up/down and check that you have the white box around that MFD. Also, you need to be in CCRP mode I believe.
  11. Works ok for me. Is the TGP MFD the sensor of interest? Use DMS up/down and check that you have the white box around that MFD. Also, you need to be in CCRP mode I believe.
  12. Hmm, works fine for me. Are you sure you're still in dogfight mode (DGFT) when you hit TMS-right, and not in missile override (MRM)? Not trying to sound condescending, but initially that's what I was doing wrong - inadvertently going into missile override, and thinking it would still lock, then realizing I needed to stay in dogfight mode and use one of the sub modes (bore/vertical/hud).
  13. Don’t forget about TMS right in dogfight mode for the 30x20 degrees scan ahead and auto lockup. Takes a little longer for the auto lock than say TMS down (for vertical scan) but better if you don’t know exactly where (close by) the bandit is in your front hemisphere.
  14. If you're comfortable with copying/editing Windows shortcuts, you can create shortcuts to update your DCS to release version or open beta version fairly easily. Sounds like you are running the release version of DCS. If so, you're probably using a shortcut that if you did a right click->Properties would see the following in the "Target" and "Start in" text boxes, respectively (drive letter and path may vary compared to yours) - note the second text box wouldn't change, just including it to be complete: "D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" "D:\Program Fil
  15. Both are fun to fly. Depends on what you want - some key differences, not entire list of capabilities): AV8B - More dedicated to ground attack/CAS - Limited air-to-air capability, only Fox-2 IR missiles, gun, no air-to-air Radar - Amphib Assault Ship Ops or land a/f Ops (STOL/VTOL) - Can take off and land just about anywhere on land or ships with a flat open area (assuming weight not over limits) - Slower max speed - Night Ops specialist, including built in sensors (DMT) F/A-18C - Multi-role air-to-air/air-to-ground - BVR air-to-air capability w/Fox-1/2/3 missiles, gun, w/air-to
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