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  1. Was thinking of getting into the WWII birds and this is one I'm interested in. Thanks for doing this.
  2. Very nice of you to do this. I would like to humbly put my name in.
  3. Downloading the docs I've found now. Thanks!
  4. That's what I was afraid of. I've not been able to even find a way to import settings from the TMC file either... Thanks very much for offering that mate! But I guess I just need to get off my lazy ass and start to figure this stuff out for myself. Thanks again for all your replies and help, it is much appreciated!
  5. Okay, I feel like an idiot... :doh: I didn't realize the Target Script Editor was separate from the regular Target software! I thought it was accessed from within the main GUI of the Target software... Having looked in Target's folder I did see the exec for this program and started it. Is there a way to actually convert the tmc file or save it into an fcf file format? Editing fcf files within Target I can handle at my level of incompetence. Sorry for all the newbie questions but I've been unable to find these particular answers via the search function. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply! I see no way of loading the TMC file in the Target Script Editor. :( If I use the "edit configuration" under the configuration options area and select all files to view and then try to load this particular TMC file I get an error saying it's corrupt (it runs just fine though...) Is there some other play to select it to edit that I'm missing? Thanks.
  7. I had to reinstall stuff and found I've lost my associated fcf file for this particular game I play. I've got the tmc file but can't figure out a way to edit it. :helpsmilie: I feel like I'm overlooking something obvious here, maybe it's because I'm older and have fewer brain cells but I'd appreciate and help or pointing in the right direction. Thanks! Edit: I meant to say I wish to edit this file within the TARGET software but see no way to do it. I did open it in notepad but got very intimidated when I saw what was there and don't know what I need to add in this file to get what I want, p
  8. Excellent! Thanks for replying. My copy does, version 2.2 of Starforce to be exact. And it is now no longer on my computer. :) Thanks again! :beer:
  9. Bump! Really, anyone know whether I can remove LOMAC or its' Starforce drivers after installing FC3?
  10. Glad I spotted this thread. I just had the same issue after buying this yesterday. Worked fine then all of a sudden trackir stopped working. Couldn't figure out what I'd done... Then found this thread. :thumbup: Thanks.
  11. I just bought FC3 and was wondering if I need to keep LOMAC installed after FC3 is intstalled or if I can remove it now. If not, can I remove the old incompatible starforce driver LOMAC installs? Thanks!
  12. I have the same problem, though my rotors do turn. Right after I turn the battery on this alarm goes off and the RPM light on the warning panel is lit up. I've tried 10x now following the instructions exactly, as far as I can tell, but I keep screwing things up... Okay, I just tried it once again, doing everything exactly the same (though I did turn the switch off for the alarm for low RPM) and managed to take off! Of course it wasn't pretty and I flew around a bit and then proceeded to crash into the ground and blow up trying to land... but those are minor details. :)
  13. I just tried this out and am starting with the cold start training. For the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! After flipping the indicated switches to their proper position (yes, some of them already start out that way as the OP indicates) I get this alarm sounding right after I turn the battery on that and it won't go away and I can't take off despite having the rotors moving. I've attempted this 8x now and it's the same each time. I know I'm doing something wrong or in the wrong order but I'm clueless as to what it is. Anyone else as dumb as me that has figured it out? :) T
  14. Thanks mate! Much appreciated. :thumbup:
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