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  • Birthday 12/01/1982

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    Used to play Apache Longbow, European Air War, F-22 ADF, Gunship!, IL-2, Jane´s F/A-18, LockOn, Falcon 4.0 and X-Plane


    All there is in DCS + some MSFS2020


    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
    ROG Crosshair VIII Formula
    MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X
    64GB Corsair Vengeance @3600MHz

    HP Reverb

    Brunner CLS-E FFB-base + Virpil MT50 CM2 stick
    Virpil MT50 throttle
    Virpil switch panel
    Komodo EC135/145 collective
    MFG Crosswind pedals
    WinWing F-18 Takeoff panel
    WinWing F-18 Combat panel
  • Location
    The Bizzaroverse
  • Interests
    drawing, music, books, travelling, mountainbiking, cars and flight sims
  • Occupation
    it involves a keyboard

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