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    Used to play Apache Longbow, European Air War, F-22 ADF, Gunship!, IL-2, Jane´s F/A-18, LockOn, Falcon 4.0 and X-Plane


    All there is in DCS + MSFS2020


    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
    ROG Crosshair VIII Formula
    MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X
    64GB Corsair Vengeance @3600MHz

    HP Reverb

    Brunner CLS-E FFB-base + Virpil MT50 CM2 stick
    Virpil MT50 throttle
    Virpil switch panel
    Komodo EC135/145 collective
    MFG Crosswind pedals
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    The Bizzaroverse
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    drawing, music, books, travelling, mountainbiking, cars and flight sims
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    it involves a keyboard

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  1. Good Tuesday Afternoon upupandaway,

      It's 3:15 P.M. EST From Winston-Salem, North Carolina upupandaway..............Hueycobra56

  2. Thanks, it looks so very different there
  3. Somewhere in the lower left, but I was wrong...
  4. Possible, but there is really no precedence for ED doing this, especially if they display it in such a prominent place.
  5. I checked Norwegian Air Force bases along the coast (that was assuming you could see a runway in the lower left of the picture - which proved incorrect), but could not find any topography matching the screenshot. It´s not Cyprus or the Marianas and I‘d say there‘s no such spot on the Falkland Islands as well...
  6. The answer might be obvious to some, but while browsing the ED shop page I started to wonder where exactly the screenshot featuring coastlines, mountains, lakes (and clouds) might be located. I do not recognize it from any of the current or WIP maps. Perhaps the Falklands?
  7. I‘m still waiting eagerly for this one. Thx for the update,
  8. Hi guys, I was trying to get the NS430 to work in the latest OB, but it won‘t show up in any of the variant‘s cockpits: All boxes for the SA342 are checked under the „special“ tab in the options and the unit is set to „NS430 allow“ in the ME. I can open the 2D version and use it just fine at the same time. Other aircraft will show it properly in 3D with the same settings. I bet this is just me missing something, but could someone please help me? EDIT: Found the reason - oone has to install the new module first
  9. +1 for the Reverb on the SC. It's been like this for quite some time
  10. Thx. It´s an OC version of the 2080ti. I didn´t change anything myself there. I´ll look into the page file settings.
  11. Hi! This also happens to me with both the latest 2 versions of the nvidia driver, flying in VR. However it only happens since the latest update of DCS OB. Logs are HERE
  12. Hi there, the issue I´m having since the last patch is similar, although I´m using VR: DCS freezes, the screen goes black and I get a message that the program has crashed. The error message reads the same as what you highlighted. This happened with the 2 latest version of the graphics driver. Best regards. dcs.log-20201001-204918.zip
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