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  1. I have an old system (Pentium4 3.2G) 2 gig memory My graphic card died on me, now Im using one that is way too slow to play LOCK-ON. I have an AGP graphic card system and Im trying to buy a new card, What is the fastest AGP card on the market with 512MB or more??? Please help, I can play nothing with the present card (Nvidia GE force 5200). thank you so much in advance. The card that died was (ATI Radeon 800 XT series.) or something like that, It was a pretty fast card, fast enough to play LOCK-ON. Thank you for your help.
  2. Brooklyn in da' house !!! Greetings from Brooklyn NY !!!:cheer3nc:
  3. Very interesting,thanx IguanaKing. Thanx for the input guys !:thumbup:
  4. Excellent job my man...Such a beautifull bird:thumbup:
  5. That's what I thought, 2 ejections is nothing.Well I cant really say that cause Im not a pilot and have no clue what it feels like,however if you think about it ejections put a lot of strain on your neck,or other parts of your body,so there might be a specific number after all,but 2 i think is kinda low.
  6. I was having a conversation with some co-workers and we were on the subject of ejections.I heard that the human body can only withstand no more than 2 ejections in a pilots lifetime.Is this true? I didnt argue cause Im not sure myself,any experts here???:smartass:
  7. BROOKLYN !!!??? HEY I live in Brooklyn....:love:
  8. Kh-31p The missile Im reffering to is the Kh-31p,it has a range of 200km.The other anti-ship missile works fine,I get a lock,and the missile fires.I am using the ME to assign targets,otherwise I wont be able to lock on the target.thanks for the help anyway.:book:
  9. I often fly the SU-30,I like it.Now we can sink some ships.I have a couple of questions regarding the SU-30 mod.First of all...Who's the pilot? the one in the front or the rear??Second...While landing the SU-30 I noticed that the sight picture is diferent,thus making it a bit more challenging, Is this normal?? thanx in advance..OH!!! almost forgot, Why wont this one missile not deploy,I cant think of the name,but if you select the armament for an anti-ship strike you will see you have a choice of 2 missiles,both will load onto your bird but one of the missiles wont deploy,I cant recall the mo
  10. Ive been looking for a canopy that is tinted (not too dark.) that will fit my SU-27 and 33.A tinted grey would be awesome.I already have the gold canopy and to my suprise it looks rather decent,but I want to change to a tone of grey.Any ideas???:helpsmilie:
  11. If you remove the cockpit (ALT-F1 Key.) you will notice a white line (you must be on the ground in order to see it.)And it's only visible with the SU-33,SU27. What is this white line for ? How come only a couple of aircrafts have this white line?? Anyway to get rid of it????:D
  12. How about that...I just learned a whole lot today.Thanx for the input guys, I had no idea about the "script" portion of the story.:lol:
  13. I have noticed that as soon as I touchdown the aircrafts nose goes up a little bit,not much,then sometimes I get it just right,rear wheels first then slowly the nose gear touches the runway.I know that if you bounce you are probably going too fast.But in my case I touch down (rear wheels),and the nose moves up a bit,then it slowly touches the runway.Am I doing something wrong?I cant get the landing tutorial(Ironhand) to run probably cause Im using Modman 5,So I kinda had to develope my own technique,Im probably doin a few things wrong but I get to bring the bird home safely.Any ideas???:pilotf
  14. model name. You're guess is as good as mine.I figure it will be a while before they give it a final name....IF they mass produce it.Another thing,since it looks so much like the F-22 and JSF does that mean this fighter will have "stealth" capabilities as well???We'll find out soon enough.:thumbup:
  15. Flanker series When I first saw the picture I thought it was the F-22,till I saw the Russian markers on the wings.This is the first I hear from this bird.I have'nt seen any specifications or anything similar,so yes,I would classify it as a concept model.It would be nice to know what engines are in this badboy and also some avionics,but we know very little still.:unsure: As far as design goes,I will truly miss the classic flanker design,I guess they are not going to mass produce the super flanker....or are they?? FLANKER RULES !!!!!!:pilotfly:
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