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  1. There are actually 3 controllers, 1 is the "master" which talks to the motor controllers, does USB stuff and does the effect calculations and so on. Yeah, I'm planning to put the firmware and project also on github eventually, I'm just want to "mature" it a bit, so everything works correctly.
  2. Did a force test on my machine. Currently I get ~5kg @ 18-20A motor current, motor dissipates around 60 Watts at that current. (Motor phase resistance is around 0.135ohm)
  3. It looks a bit disbalanced because of the upper motor weight, one axis would probably need a constant motor torque added to counter balance it.
  4. Do you have any sources/data on control characteristics? I'd like to learn more about the subject
  5. I highly doubt this will become an issue. You don't constantly wrestle with your joystick and that case I think your arm will get tired first LOL. Most of the time you will be in the center'ish position, which will consume close to zero current.
  6. Great to see this gaining momentum! I've also been busy, though slowly making progress. Got my motor control boards tested, debugged and running. Here's a simple FFB spring test with anticogged motors. I'm quite happy with the smoothness! If you power down the system, it's like night and day. Motors are cogging like hell and the cogging torque multiplies, based on the reduction gears, back to the stick. Hoping to finish up software over the weekend and do some testing (with new 2.7 DCS (yay clouds!) ) In the end, I'd like
  7. Hello guys, some updates on my FFB journey. I've been busy testing and finalizing my FOC motor driver, specialized for FFB application. It's usable on any 3 phase PMSM motor, but I've specifically designed it for 57BLF0x series NEMA case style brushless motors. It fits on the motor end and is attached to to motor case directly, with some thermal paste, mosfets have a good thermal path to the motor casing. These motors have quite a bit of cogging out of the box, but when this cogging torque is mapped and cancelled out by software, It's almost non-existent, as if the shaft spins only o
  8. I have a working prototype of bldc drivers for nema23 sized brushless motors. With an absolute encoder on the shaft I can absolutely zero out any cogging torque which during first tests worked like magic, zero cogging, smooth as butter rotation. IMHO skewed rotor motors are too rare and expensive. Best thing is to use most common bldc's such as skateboard motors or nema style motors and do the anticogging in software. ODrive, which is used by @Propeler also does anticogging with absolute encoders. I used this video for inspiration
  9. Hey, congrats on the project. It seems we're working on something similar in parallel :) My idea is to build a FFB stick from easily obtainable materials - mainly 3d printed parts and laser cut plywood box parts and standard bearings, pulleys, belts. It's also based on stm32 and I have good progress on the FFB firmware. All the USB PID supported effects are implemented. Here's my FFB stick mk1 Based on brushed motors. But due to magnetic cogging, I've decided to move to bldc motors with software anticogging compensation. Got VIRPIL stick fully working with analog brake axis also. Sadly c
  10. I think this is related to directinput blocking on ffb send calls. Maybe the update rate is too high and some kind of OS queueing is going on. I'm developing an FFB stick based on stm32 and also experiencing similar problems, first thought maybe this is a usb related firmware problem, then realized probably not. For example I experience input lags on su-25t when landing gear is retracting or when autopilot is engaged on mig-29 and is constantly updating stick center position.
  11. If anyone is interested I have merged changes from DCS 1.5 and compiled a patch for only the relevant changes for this mod. The differences are contained in missiles_data.diff file and it can be easily patched on any DCS version* with the patcher utility I've included. *99% should work DCS Missiles Mod 1.2 + Patcher.zip
  12. Hello forum :) I've patched the mission editor and added an ability to dynamically store custom loadouts to the ingame maintenance menu. There will be a new "Store" button in the loadout screen, which will allow you to choose a slot (F1-F10) to save a currently selected loadout. It will work only on stock aircraft, that means it won't work on added flyables without modifications. Once the modman package is uninstalled, the original files will be restored. I don't know if it will work with russian version of fc2. Here's a few screenshots of it in action Modman pa
  13. walmis

    F15 update

    forget those textures, geometry and texture mapping (aka UV mapping) only matters
  14. walmis

    F15 update

    that will suffice.
  15. walmis

    F15 update

    rattler, it's texture mapping, not geometry mapping :-)
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