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  1. Well Title kinda states it all. Thought is was me and something I was doing wrong but this lil guys it even hard to fly now for some reason. Any thought or tips would be great. On cold start I wait for the Clutch Sync up and slowly add throttle to full but it blow after a while on the tarmac so I have no idea what could be going wrong or what I am doing wrong.
  2. Total Hero! Thank you, I will give this a try!
  3. Hi all I have both A Logictech G13 and a Logitech G600 Mouse. I am very confused. When I click the DCS control setup and go into the mouse column and try to assign a mouse click to a line Item in the mouse column its a no go. If I goto the G13 column and try to assign a g13 command to the G13 column... nothing gets assign. So that leads to the question, Does DCS only recognise Your Keyboard , mouse and joystick. Are all the other controller columns ignored?? Is there a setting I need to set to allow me to assign these other joystick / controllers so they work in dcs?? Thanks!!
  4. I added The Thrunderbirds Livery so that I can setup some statics and nellis... made the Livery Directory to the save game folder as instructed and boom all the block 50's are Thunderbids. So that is a no go for me. Any idea why it would replace all the Block 50's I just renamed the directory so xxxxxx and all of the stock repaints are back. Any ideas? Thanks All! And to the person with the 4 A7's picture. Oh man that looks amazing... I can't want to see that in the DCS game. What an amazing airplane!
  5. Well I down for the editor... I was just thinking of things to strip out. Looking at version 2 of the game it did have mission for you to complete. I the original Armour-Geddon the user task when coming above ground was to find the elements to make the weapon. So you you are correct. No need to limit the game by removing the mission planning element. So let me change the concept and state that instead of the Mission Editor.. it becomes a mission planner allowing the user to make waypoints and stuff like that. Kind of in the same vein as oldschool Rainbow six. Now if they want to make a full fledge Future sim and have it do DCS the way it does DCS... I would be cool with that. DCS with a Future map and Future Hardware Modules would work and we build our own Future wars much like we do in DCS: Present.
  6. DCS: FUTURE DCS Future would be a combat game that used the simulation engine of DCS world to make a standalone multiplayer game where humanity makes it's last stand against an unseen DarkFor that is trying wipeout what remains of humanity. Background for the Concept I will Keep this brief, this game has already existed. Back in the 90's, UK game developer Psygnosis, created and Published Armour-Geddon. DCS is the perfect platform for a Future Combat Game / Sim in the same style of Armor-Geddon. This amazing game was before it's time. This was the Digital Battlefield before it became a thing. Now this IP may not be for sale but, DCS would be a PERFECT Code Base for a version of this game. When I play the amazing DCS: Combined Arms, It takes me back to the playing Armour-Geddon as a Kid. Linking up with a friend via Serial Port Cable doing Co-Op missions to take down the power-grid and finding the research was just the bee's knees. If Interested in the game details please see this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armour-Geddon / The Map In DCS, a Map could be made that does not have to be of Earth(it could be).... but a map of called Dystopia with population centers huddled around Airbases like they are in Armour-Geddon. DCS's map size is perfect of this type of game. A fixed world with power planets and area where the player can attack and destroy the other sides ability from a resource stand point, to make war. Open Missions with no pre-determined routes or take other then survival. DCS worlds resource simulation, the one currently in the Mission Editor is perfect for this type of thing. Future Hardware That is an Evolution of Current Day Hardware Aircraft Module makers could make future Airframes only limited by a small rules set where the have to remain atmospheric. Not Study Level Models but way off future of the F-16 MiGs and So On. The Concept is that Humans are in a war against the machine AI or whatever dark forces that can be devised as RedFor of DarkFor some Phantom Entity be it machine or man trying to wipe out the World's remaining, United Armed Forces. Resources are limited and research and resource collection allows for the Evolution of the Airframes and other Hardware. Allowing the human's to fight and trying to win. This concept borrows heavily from Armour-Gedden. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/423127327468811624/ This is just a really quick rough Idea. But a game future game grounded by the bounds of physics would be kinda neat. With FC3 type aircraft not needed every switch modeled. No Mission Editor but converting into a Real-TIme Mission Planner, No need to adhere to ultra realism constraints based on real world numbers as there would be an evolution of the hardware's capability as R&D happens within the game. The Concept is in short a reboot of sorts of the Original IP that was really awesome for it's time. Or something similar. Something like this could be an additional revenue stream for the DCS world as well. Just seeing if their are others out there that remember AG and may feel like I do that DCS has all the right stuff to make game like what's being suggested? We Have DCS: PAST, We Have DCS:PRESENT, Now It maybe time to think about DCS:FUTURE. Sorry for Any Typos and errors written in a rush will edit and correct later.
  7. Yes I Am now just running into this issue myself...and it sucks!
  8. So In the mission editor we have the trigger option to damage scenery. Is there a way to save that damage so that new mission's can be planned using that damaged scenery? I used the prepare mission option but I don't see how you can save that changed and prep mission so that you can build on top of it. I the mission editor user guide I see that it describes setting controls in the simulated airplane but even there its not clear how any of this can been used in the next mission. Anyone with any insight into this I would be grateful for that information. Thanks
  9. This was my issue just as Badass1982 stated! I did some lite over clocking to get some better VR output on my MSI RTX 2600 Ventus oc and it was a no go. Reset to default clock.. game works fine no crash. So no over clocking for me.
  10. Yes this all stems from a real world syllabus. Regeneration back into the fight really gives the Nevada map purpose. Currently I make missions where I fly into a CAP or Sweep to engage in BFM. But AI with missiles you have to set up weps free triggers so they won't shoot your down before the merge. Also when you watch videos from DCS users trying to explain what they think is actual BFM is which I have yet to see a good video that really captures true BFM they are always gun fights. That burn all the Fuel up and end up 10 meters off the deck. That ain't BFM. That is WW2 fun time with WW3 hardware if that happen in real life. The Plus for a system like this is that Merge points could be setup allowing for missiles fights which should be over in less than 3 minutes and not some twisted furball going on for 20+ mins. The pilots would be noodle neck, arms and legs in real life. But all that aside. It would make a good addon. I am also looking to get into some online play again. Hit me up and maybe we can play sometimes.
  11. Spot On, Everything can be optional as some users as seen on some servers don't want to wait so the change can accommodate them. What I would like to see eventually is AI flight leads. Yes we can do it now by joining as an element of a 3 ship being the forth ship. But in the future I see the AI pilot skill actually meaning so much more. There was a game from back in the day called Chuck Yeager's Advance Flight Simulator: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Yeager's_Advanced_Flight_Trainer So as a flight lead you can see how you could have the AI teach you how do stuff in the jet based on the settings. So Realistic start up times would be key.
  12. It's not about a rewrite it's just another option or a tool for a mission builder to have in his or her tool bag. Keep it simple as possible if it's possible to do as pre-written function vs having jets spawn in or ai pilots magically spawn in. Contacting a pilot and asking her how long does it take you to start up your (jet type) during a non-alert situation and adding that pause / wait time to the AI may not be all that hard. I mean the AI waits when we are set to flight lead so it's already in the code.
  13. Wish List Item: ACMTO |Air Combat Manoeuvring Training Option This Wish List Item is for an Air Combat Maneuvering Option that would allow Users the option to conduct non-destructive BFM. Meaning record BFM kills without actually shooting each other down. How it can be done currently Currently this can be achieved by setting the player to be indestructible (immortal) with unlimited weapons, This works fine but players can't mort themselves when they make a mistake. So things like collisions and other mishaps are not recorded. Basic Overview of the Idea In this request the user while playing against another user or AI can employ a VAAWS | Virtual Air to Air Weapons System that will record hits and misses as well is weight changes (optional) as users may just need to carry inerts or just the ACMI pod. After Kills are recorded with impact of a VAAWS the jets are steer-point que'd to fly back to the reset point and fights on again. Implementation Ideas & Features This could be mission a editor selectable set of options or a special ACM / BFM editor mode. In this mode AI jets can take off from the same location as the advisory aircraft fly and orbit the training airspace and call when it position. Inside the editor in ACM mode the user set the floor, (which would be great as it will stop from having dogfights 10 feet off the deck due to poor altitude management. The type of dogfight setup like one circle or two circle setups as well as respawn points which could show up as labels or HUD ques. After Knock off flight return to base or tanker as fuel management is also part of the tasking. Within the ACM / BFM mode the user has a special radio menu that allows them to call fights on /knock it off , reset and so on. This Mainly to control the AI so that players can call them off and end the training sortie and RTB. Also It would be neat for Human wingman training as well, Wingmen VS AI setup and son on. . Currently inside of DCS most of these things can be achieved with the combination of settings and mission editor tasking. Brief Reason for the Request Finally brief reasoning for the this idea / request. Simply it fits DCS. It also adds a powerful training element to DCS and especially gives the Nevada map more purpose. Training evolutions can and would yield more results or players by allowing BFM setup without mission restarts and it also allows the users to do other training within the same sortie like refuelling, landing, formation, practice and so on. Just some ideas
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