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  1. Yes they are great, i used them too. S! Brati
  2. He mate, great vid and decent sound! Shows the beauty of LockOn. Keep up the good work S! Brati
  3. COOL, it looks really like Metal now ! Will it be available for every Aircraft or only for Su 27/33 ? S! Brati
  4. Really? Volks are so stupid. There aint no better Sun than the one in FC :icon_supe :biggrin: S! Brati
  5. I think it is very good, if Payload cannot be changed in classified missions. I use calssified missions only on my Server, because my Mission is based on having two heaters only. If people could change Payload, i would be bussy all day be telling People not to do so. This would kill it for me. Greetings Brati
  6. He, is it top secret or why cant u guys post in english? Greetings Brati
  7. Kilsek, i m following this thread closely, because the Result could keep my beloved Eyecandy and increase Frame rate over cities. I would favour getting the number of "normal" buildings to the half, keeping the industrial Buildings and Areas as they are. Perhaps u could create a Loman mod? Yet another idea: what about reducing the number of trees in forest areas to the half? would help a lot with my fps. Anyone knows how to do this? Greetings Brati
  8. As for the Grafiks, i would prefer the X700 mobile series Greetings Brati
  9. In adition, the waypoint designator in the Hud above the Heading seems sometimes not to work properly. Sometimes i have to make 360 degree turn in order to make it show proper direction to next waypoint. Would be great if this can be fixed. Greetings Brati
  10. I would really like clickable cockpit and go through all the startup procedures with a Checklist, as long as there is the Option to turn it off for quick online flying. In adition, i would like to further be able to use all the possibilities of my HOTAS in Flight. It would really be bad to loose this capability. I could then turn back to my old MS Sidewinder Precision pro. Greetings Brati
  11. Very Very Very sad news :icon_cry: :icon_cry: :icon_cry: My AFM for F 15 is LOST, ITS LOOOST, MY PRRRECIOOOUUUUS :Flush: I m frustrated Brati
  12. my condolences to all who find their beloved dead or wounded. Lets not get that politic or polemic, it just makes me sad. sincere greetings from Germany 33rd_bratpfanne.
  13. I ll switch to Win Xp 64 immediately after FC is confirmed working with it. S! Brati
  14. Horray, ED is walking the right way !!! Does this include much more detailed flight models? Will AFM be standard for new flyable Aircraft? S! Brati
  15. Yes, i would really like to see Engine smoke (Mig 29 more, F 15 less), but its Intensity should vary from the Throttle input. If u power up Throttle in a Mig 29 from idle i.E. after a Looping, there will be a dense smoke, getting thinner when engines are on upper rpm. I always admired these things in Aviation Vids and it would be great, especially for Dogfighting reasons as statet above, if we could have modeled these Effects correctly. This would make me a far more happier man !! I would even pay for a "realistic graphic effects Addon" (not 50 Bucks though ;) ) S! Brati
  16. Thank u guys, thats what i was looking for. ( I dont have any Problem with reading and understanding French even though i m German ;) ) S! Brati
  17. OK, Thank u very much for ur quick answers. So it is working obviously as it is meant to work, just did not know this way of Stick reaction when trimming from other flight sims ;-) S! Brati
  18. I have a problem with the Stick above that hunts me since LOMAC 1.0 and has never been solved. I am using Throttle of X 45 and MS SW FFB2 in combination. I put the Pitch and Roll trim to the Trim wheels of the X45. It works all fine except when moving trimm wheel, the neutral Position of the Stick is moved too. This is quite annoying. Could someone give me a Hint how to avoid that. I played with the Settings in the Config/contactor file, but it did not solve the Problem for me. Any suggestions? Help would be much apprechiated S! Brati
  19. hey, 666th birdy, thats great work! I know it has been asked before, but ur screenshots look so amazing, is there a chance to get these Airports as a Loman mod ? S! Brati
  20. #1 i cant help u out with that #2 i had the same Problem with my Soundblaster Live 1024 in 1.0 to 1.2 but with a clean Install of 1.0 and then putting 1.1 over it, the Probs are gone. Maybe this solves #1 too ;-) Greetings Brati
  21. PLZ dont forget the existing Planes !!! They are not "old" they are loved by many People out there and they would like to see their "babies" improved to the Level of the SU 25 T concerning AFM and 3D Models. I know that its not easy, but i think many people would be willing to pay for this. OT: And please, remodel the G-LOC for the F 15 /OT With sincere greetings and Appreciation for ur excelent Work from Germany: 33rd bratpfanne.
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