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  1. Many thanks Tatti if u could have a look at it as soon as RL lets u :) . S! Brati
  2. :megalol: GREAT !! Rep inbound for humour. S! Brati
  3. *bump* Any word on changing the material to standard for us ATI users? Would be great! Yust a "yes" or "no" please so that i know wheter i should hold my breath or not :smilewink: S! Brati
  4. *bump* Tatti, any word on changing the Material ? S! Brati
  5. :megalol: cant believe what i see:doh: :chair: :shocking: u guys are really nuts - cool in a way - but completely nuts Have fun and a nice evening ! - btw.: ever thought about making a Teletubbie Skin series for the Su 25 T ?:D S ! Brati
  6. wholy s#&% ! Thats a Beauty !:cheer3nc: U made my day, rep inbound and many ThnX S! Brati
  7. U R OUR HERO !!!!!!!!!!:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :punk: :joystick: :joystick: :joystick: S! Brati
  8. @ dryden: Thats a very interesting approach! If u decide to try out and it works, i would be very interested in fps difference before/after (especially over a big city, thats where fps is lowest). S! Brati
  9. WAIT !!! I D/L 2 hours and have 75 %, do NOT take it away PLZ :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. he GA, was a joke thats why i put the:smilewink: , Relax! S! Brati
  11. @ GA shouldnt u try finding another mirror to upload rather than trying the DL ??? At least u already have the Video !:doh: :smilewink: S! Brati
  12. Holy sh** !!! 39 Kb/s remind me of good old modem days :huh: S! Brati
  13. sorry have to correct myself. Shadows dont work on AIM 9 for me neither. Walmis could u make a new AIM 9 ??? *pleasepleaseplease?????* S! Brati
  14. but the AIM 9 should work fine ? At least at my 800 XT it does S! Brati
  15. I have the same Problem as with the F 15 tank, Shadows from the Plane dont cast on it. May be solved by using standard Materials as suggested by walmis. His missiles are working perfect. S! Brati
  16. @Tatti: Great work, I like ur Model very much. One Problem i have: Shadows from the Plane do not cast on the Tank. I suppose this can be easily fixed with walmis Solution u can read about here:http://forum.lockon.ru/showpost.php?p=251170&postcount=37 Would be greatly appreciated and make this Mod perfect! S! Brati
  17. LOL forget about all that lights. I do not look at my hotas at all when flying.:music_whistling: S! Brati
  18. I got a problem with this mod. The Missiles are transparent (that is : not viewable) when at the plane. As soon as i shoot it, they become visible. Anyone else has this problem? It is perhaps the Issue Tatti explained at the Mig 29 Fueltank thread? Could u investigate? I would really like to use this mod. S! Brati
  19. cool, never noticed that! (Am an aerobatics and Air to Air Junkie) S! BRATI
  20. Anyone noticed the way the buildings burned? Cant remember to have seen this in FC. It may be new in Black Shark ?? S! Brati
  21. detailed system specs from old and new machine would be interesting. Settings all maxed óut? What about FPS over big Cities with cockpit view all zoomed out ? (min fps is most interesting fo me. Over a City i go es low as 12 fps atm with all maxed except water=medium and view distance=medium) My Specs: AMD 3400+, 2GB Corsair, X800XT-PE
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