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  1. COOL! ATutorial to insert new, working, highly detailed Ships in LockOn:D :D :D ^^^HINT HINT HINT Someone? ....Dreaming of a whole Naval Addon... S! Brati
  2. :cry: So does this mean every new model in .lom format i install, e.g. F 15, A 10, will be seen in multiplayer through the clouds and the Haze ???? Uh, what a disadvantage !!! This would be a showstopper for the new models for me S! Brati:cry:
  3. Wholy S!, this is amazing! I m drooling over and over. If Devs could fix the remaining Problems especially for Multiplayer, this would make me concider the TH2go. S! Brati
  4. Wholy crap !!!!!! These screenies look like ... CRAP !!! NVM, did not D/L the templates, but you need to do better marketing screenies :smilewink: S! Brati
  5. Confusing:huh: Cant vote, strange answers... My vote: Only if i need fuel desperately and tanker Pilot wont let me line up because he is busy with the girls like in Bill et John Episode 2:D S! Brati
  6. Running the updater it says to me i m up to date but i did not update since yesterday. So whats wrong? S! Brati
  7. So Thomas, u obviously voted 1 :D Cool Poll, love ur sense of humour S! Brati
  8. Another suggestion: The Wings seem to be without any Profile at the moment, look at the Wingtip of the following Pic: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1137086/L/ The Wingtip is kinda more curved forward-downwards than in the Model. Perhaps anyone finds better Pics to demonstrate Edit: These shows the wing "Twist" that i mean nicely http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1130855/L/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1121201/L/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1091122/L/ This one might help with different issues as a perfect front view http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1105964/L/ S! Brati
  9. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1140877/L/ *hint, hint, hint*:D oh, and some more suggestions: more Polys on Nose and on the back top where the Fuselage starts to make it look more round, this would be great! S! Brati Edit: one more for downside reference (just say STOP if u dont need any more pics ;-))http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1134137/L/
  10. This lets me think of... err... a new 3D model of the Kutz ?!:music_whistling: S! Brati
  11. OKOK, no pun intended:smilewink: ... but u have to admitt that in your first two screenshot series there where no trees around the city:D All i intend is a maximum of comparability to show which rigs and wich settings produce which impact so one can judge which upgrade might be worth for lomac. S! Brati
  12. OK, now the "Reference": Sys: - Athlon 64 3400+ Socket 754, X800 XT-PE all at stock speed - Cat 6.10 @1280x1024, 4xAA, 16xAF, High Quality on everything possible, Cat AI on - Lomac: All maxed except: Water on high and vis. Range on medium - Mods: No FPS mods sometimes it goes down to 10 fps but not less... ...what do u think? min fps is what counts for me:D Stick that 8800 GTX/GTS together with a Core2duo running at 2,67 or 3 GHz and i bett one will see an improvement. I wanted to buy one but the IRS told me that i have to pay more than i expected:mad: S! Brati EDIT: @ deathcoffin: second screens u posted are NOT the real deal. Where are the trees surrounding the city?
  13. I second that, go for the polys! They dont limit lomac. Its many objects that stress the CPU ! S! Brati
  14. THx for the headsup, any improvements? S! Brati
  15. I would be quite interested in one special setting: Fly F 15 Quickstart mission, dive 90 degree to the right at sea level, fly low and (zoom max out) to the big City and when u r over it, take a screen. That is my quick reference for min fps in game. Never had less fps than there ;-) If u would do me that favour, i would be gratefull. S! Brati PS: Water on Very High ??????
  16. He Walmis ! Great work! As for the so called "whiners" : I read through the whole thread and i hardly see anyone whining, i just see constructive criticism that is well ment. Everyone appreciates walmis outstanding work. It is Walmis who has to decide when he conciders his "public beta" as finished. Perhaps walmis got some feedback about things he overlooked? Perhaps he might judge he did things properly and just leave details as they are? Some things that where mentioned i would see as minor flaws too and love seeing them corrected but if not, it would still be a great piece of art as it is. S! Brati PS: Ice and others who would be willing to rework the skins for the new model: I would suggest starting ur work after Walmis has stated that is model is definitely finished:smilewink: EDIT: Ups, GG and GA where faster
  17. I would be interested in a comparison uf min. FPS I dont care about 60 or 90 FPS max. Min FPS over cities is interesting and i bet they will be the same low numbers as on the other cards because these situations are CPU-limited anyway (Only core2duo will help though) S! Brati
  18. Hey Tatti, works great! Thx very much S! Brati
  19. ah by the way, u seem to know many things about arguments, is it possible to make the navlights flashing by default? S! Brati
  20. Hi walmis ! Great Work ! I only have one point to remark: the original Model was criticised among other things for the canopy frame being "not really round". I dont know if u looked into that detail yet but in my eyes it could be even "rounder" and that wont be too many polys !? Just a minor thing, not worth changing if its big trouble, its much better than the Original right now. S! Brati
  21. walmis u have an eagles eye:thumbup: i knew that i put it to 1.25 once but obviously i forgot that it changes back whenever u use the "Options"-menu. So i thought it was right but it wasnt. THX Brati
  22. for me it looks perfectly right @ 1280x1024 might be the aspect ratio? S! Brati
  23. - greatly overlooked: more realistic weather scenarios and the effect of wind on the Planes. - more realistic aircraft behaviour (aerodynamically) - 3d Pit and AFM for all planes - Impoved ground Objects and textures (especially cities) Thats the most important to my experience of realism S! Brati
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