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  1. I see, the Cities (again) ! Lots of Objects for ur CPU to calculate. Its definitely not the Graphics Card. I have A 6600 too and see similar Performance. Everything is perfectly allright (or not:D ) Hope u get what i mean. S~ Brati
  2. I thought it would be a good idea to collect some info on Bugs that appear with LockOn FC and Vista. Maybe the Devs could have a look in the Issues and maybe, maybe, they could fix some issues for BS already :-) To keep this Thread informative, PLZ list the following: CPU | GPU | overclock? | LockOn Version | Vista Version | Graphics Driver Version(s) | A precise description of the Bug (Workarounds should be discussed in this separate Thread in the Tech Forum imho http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=22715) THX, i hope it will get some attention S~ Brati
  3. @ torwak, i had the same problem with Vista 64 ultimate, i took the OC back a little and Freezes during Gameload seem to be gone. I must admit that i had no time to test it repeatedly, but i suspect my oced memory to be the cause. S! Brati
  4. I have the Antec 180 and i m quite satisfied with the airflow. i installed 4 Noiseblocker 120 mm Fans and put them on an innovatek Fancontroller. I programmed it to rise Fanspeed if Case or Graka temp exceeds a certain value and it works well. For Desktop usage it is pretty quiet and while playing games, it is a bit louder but cools well. I have a Scythe Andy Samurai Master on my Core 2 Duo 6600 oc @6700 and it never exceeds 43 degrees in Bios after excessive game usage. For better Airflow direktion in the CPU Area, i would choose now a CPU Cooler that blows sideways towards the exhaustfans, mine blows down on the Mainboard. U should also concider a Mainbord with aktive NB-Cooling for best OC-Performance. Hope that helped a little. S! Brati
  5. Would u mind correcting the Bug also for us german loyal followers of ur efforts? ;-) THX in advance S~ Brati
  6. Saitek states they are working on it and it should be released sometimes soon (see any parallels to Black Shark ?:megalol: ) S~ Brati
  7. @Hitman, u speak out of my soul. Vista (64) is a promising OS, but i spent nearly 3 days hunting for compatible drivers for my existing hardware (not only gaming gear) and it is still quite dodgy loosing my bluetooth keyboard all the time and having to run every single install allmost 3 times untill it works most times not even knowing why it works finally. If i should have to go through this for my clients, they could have bought theirselfes half Micro$ for the Money i would have cost them. For Privates who dont mind whether tis and that may run or not it is ok and has many noice gimmicks and really usefull things, but as it is now i would NEVER advise to use it for a business environment, especiallyif u r using software developped from smaller Companys for ur Work So be warned ! S~ Brati edit: Sorry, too drunk to correct my typo`s
  8. rgr that, just wanted u to be aware of the things to come :-) S~ Brati
  9. http://www.hkepc.com/bbs/hwdb.php?tid=753250&tp=Intel-c2d-e6050&rid=753256 dont get bothered by the chineese (or whatever it is:D ) Just gives an idea what we can expect in the 2nd. half of 2007. This is why i would get a bearlake board and drop in a cheap an E6300 until E6850 is out (look at its pricing :smartass: S~ Brati PS: power supplie might be insufficien, if u plan the dual graphics way one day
  10. nice choice, Pilotasso:D i might suggest two things: First u might concider the 500 Gb Samsung Spinpoint T166 HDD, it is apart from the raptors currently the fastest Harddrive for the consumer market and u should get it under 100 €(new 1Tb Hitachi is nearly as fast as the raptor, but is imho too expensive atm,). Second is the Mobo: Boards based on new Intel Bearlake Chipset should become available soon. Bearlake has capability for DDR II and/or DDR III (depending on mobo manufacturer, there might be even boards that offer both). It sports new 1333 MHz FSB. If money is a concern, u could put in a cheap Core2 for the moment, sit back and wait another Year for Quadcore prices to come down. I m suggesting this because it is the way i will go. S~ Brati
  11. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, He He hehe, those Intel Price drops, hehe, ...waiting for them too, yeah, yeah :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D Brati
  12. Best wishes for ur RL ! I hope u find time to come back when u get used to ur working day ;-) Will always remember that encounter loooong ago when we both evaded each others missiles an ended up down low on guns, trying for 3 mins or so to get on each others tail (just cant remember how it ended) S~ Brati
  13. Could u post a screen for comparison? I dont see any difference here. THX Brati
  14. Am i guessing right, that now there is realistic smoke visible when a tank fires ? Has this to do with the shaders that are worked on? With this realism, ground combat appears more and more attractive to an old fighter jock:D Keep up the good work in detail and realism! S~ Brati
  15. u guys rock! Looking forward to the next release. S~ Brati
  16. I would say its harder, because when u are landing, the plane flies towards u so controls are inverted and u have to switch view when it passes u. I should have sticked longer with my Trainer, the TAXI II (well known in Germany) amd not go as fast to the aerobatics models. I broke that thing on first flight and than money was out (i was at school then). Then came the University and i had no time and money left. Now i have Wive and kids an guess what: NO TIME AND MONEY LEFT :cry: S~ Brati
  17. just read the articles:chair: : Launch should be March, Availability one month later (Just in Time for Black Shark) S~ Brati
  18. http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=4622 further Information on expected specs can be found here: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/video/display/20070209064936.html What do u think? S~ Brati
  19. He Skypat! Great news and big thx. Modman is the MUST-HAVE Tool for Lockon. I love it and it is good to hear thatit is getting even better. S~ Brati
  20. Hi Rich may i share some thoughts with you: I experienced a similar problem when installing a PC for a customer. He had an Nvidia Card in an Dell PC. I had to connect it with a Viewsonic 1440x880 (not sure about the 880, might be slightly different). After not getting the Nvidia Controlpanel (latest Drivers at this time of course) to work with this resolution by any means, i decided to call Dell. They revealed to me, that the card was specialy manufactured for them and did not support this resolution from the Hardware side. I used the onboard graphics then and used the card in another PC that has a monitor with standard resolution. I might suggest tho that this is not the fault of ur monitor but might be the one of ur card manufacturer. I suggest contacting them and asking them about the supported resolutions of ur Card. (just curious: what are ur system specs?) Hope i could help a little S~ Brati
  21. The Blackshark night screens look nice, except for the Snow. Snow looks like a Curtain in front of the window and nothing behind. Wheather, Clouds and Wind could use a big improvement IMHO. S~ Brati
  22. i m excited ! Can u tease us a little with wehat u r doing? S~ Brati
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