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  1. Hi Kato, Thank you very much for this link. "Disable Desktop Composition" did a great Job by increasing stability and FPS by 10 !!!! FPS. I am so greatful, had tryed everything else. Rep inbound. BTW, i am running a 8800 GT with Forceware 169.21 beta, Has anyone solved the strange Texturing on edges that appear when you set Shadows to Full? (with "all planar", its ok, but not that beautiful) S~ Brati
  2. Which Driver Version are you using Yeni? i have the latest and the same problems as stated above. ~S Brati
  3. THX for even concidering a Video of this style, this is more than i hoped ;-) Now i can dream and wait ;-) S~ Brati
  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=pNWCSE9BaW0 Might it be possible to do a short Video of KA 50 with the same low level flying as in the linked Video? I was just watching it and i thought to myself WHOLY SH## !! I have to do this with the Black Shark !! S~ Brati
  5. Hi GA This would be greatly appreciated S~ Brati
  6. some mirrors might be welcome too, still no joy for download here:helpsmilie: S~ Brati
  7. Sorr for OT, but i cant help::D @ all Germans here: Thread title: I wish i had my loading screen full with "Fozen" too. S~ Brati
  8. hi, could you post your system specs and driver versions? S~ Brati
  9. 1) Compatibility with Vista and modern graphics cards 2) New 3D-Models for Su 27/33, Mig 29 (seen already WIP screens, where are these Models?) 3) Troubleshooting in FMs and Missiles
  10. X38 boards start beeing available right now. X 48 is only rumored (Whole architecture will be obsolete in late 2008 or early 2009 when Nehalem CPUs arrive with new Plattform that has no FSB Architecture any more). X38 Boards from Gigabyte and asus support FSB 1600 and DDR 1600. There are also boards that combine ddr2- and ddr3 Slots. (I think Foxconn) (all about 230 Euros) Add a Core2Duo 6850 (About 220 Euros) - 3 Ghz Cpu will help a lot more than Quad Core with 2,4 GHZ for same price with LO. Add one or two Radeon 2900 pro (each 220 Euros, Same as xt except GPU clock but can be easily oced to XT level) Add some RAMof your liking and a powerful PSU and you are good to go for a good value (Thinking about the same Upgrade atm :smilewink:) S~ Brati
  11. You should concider that Development and manufacturing employees in the western world earn much more money than in Russia. Moreover who knows which Senator got some millions for signing a totally overpayed contract with the Industry? S~ Brati
  12. @Airtito: Can you confirm that MS SW FFB2 will be implemented without flaws? This would be the first thing that really excites me about BS. S~ Brati
  13. Agreeing totally with Haegar and Aldega. If visual immersion and weather modelling is not improved greatly over the actual state we can see in Screenshots, i will probably not buy BS (that is developing more and more into BS anyway since yesterday (sorry, had to say this)):cry: S~ Brati
  14. Hi, there are people who set Shadows to "all planar" and use missions without overcast and it solved it for them. yet it did not for me. I had often the same issue with Vista ultimate 64 and Radeon X1950 XT. Aparrently the 7.10 Catalayst drivers solved it for me, but had not much time to test. Yet, the cats wont help you with nvidia card. S~ Brati
  15. The grass texture is my only real concern about this fabulous mod. I am glad u mentioned this. Up to now i was keeping my feet still because i thought " its justme" Maybe this could be improved ? S~ Brati
  16. Hi, i might suggest trying the Cat 7.10 I had always random crashes with Vista 64 and X1950 XT AGP during mission load or in missions ever since i have vista. With these drivers i am positive that it changed something to the better side. Only one crash during mission so far. So you might give it a try. I think it is the least time consuming fix at the moment. I wish you luck Brati
  17. :wallbash: you beat me to it :-) just installing. Performance should be mainly improved with series 2xxx cards and X-Fire. S~ Brati
  18. Redundant Array of Independent Disks, That is what it means and clarifys perhaps a little. S~ Brati
  19. concerning beer it all comes down to 4,7 Vol.% -dont missundersztand me, i am currently at Mallorca and drinking my third instead of eating ;-) S~ Brati
  20. I can NOT recommend running lockon with Vista 64, i did everything that is suggested in this or other forums, but still it CTDs after 5-10 minutes i play, sometimes it even crashes when loading a mission. S~ Brati
  21. Problem is that u wait forever because ur Game crashed and u can restart ur Comp
  22. Still same Problem here on ATI x1950xt. No solution, tried everything that was suggested and that i could think of. S~ Brati
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