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  1. Try the F-5. The A-10 trim will be magically fixed.
  2. ^^^ Including all the Ground Crew, BN NL and everyone behind the scenes...
  3. The additions look great, but I notice that the screenshot of the new map cuts off at Damascus in the south. I hope that's not a tradeoff for adding Cyprus?
  4. As I understand it, the APN-232 radar altimeter has a pretty wide cone of 65 degrees bank and 45 degrees pitch. The system reports the closest return within that entire area, so it's really more of a radar than an altimeter. Given a flat terrain, this would report the correct altitude up to the 65/45 limits of the cone.
  5. I think this is exactly why the A-10C was, and still is the most finished product in DCS. The vast majority of the development was paid for by institutions with much deeper pockets than any of us have.
  6. It's a slag heap. We had those in South Wales too.
  7. The internal properties of that pdf say last modified 2020-05-18.
  8. This is a great read. https://falcon.blu3wolf.com/Docs/Electronic-Warfare-Fundamentals.pdf
  9. Many thanks to Loader and GR for organizing that - very interesting indeed.
  10. Note that the update utility parameter is case sensitive. "update" will work - "Update" will not.
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