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  1. craycobra : Never had any issues with DCS World betas before 2.7. ED, please stop any work on new features and bring this piece of scrap to a level of maturity that deserves being called "beta". Yes i agree completly. This issue is really big. I also never had such a problems in DCS or any atoher game or sim installed on my PC. Please ED put more testers and prorammers to this problem. This bug is wiith uz almost a 1 Month. This is inexcusably. Make this problem to absolute priority for ED team plase!
  2. Yea this bug always come back to you and hit you again...
  3. Yes 60 FPS. Im trying to improve life of my RTX 2080. Beacouse i cannot afford new one for triple price
  4. I agree. When i try fly mission straight from the mission editor the probility of crash is 99 %
  5. I can recommend delete FXO folder every time after you finish flight. Thats help a lot.
  6. ok i report back after few days of testing
  7. I finally resolved my crashes. In my case it was reshade. I manualy deleted bin folder where reshade was instaled then run repair. Reshade was gone comletly. Then i load in the mission and press Shift+r many times. And in cca 30 resrarts of mission i have 0 crashes!
  8. Im running on system With 32 GB RAM and with page file set to 32 000 and im still crashing.
  9. Also latest nvidida drivers 466.27 did not help. Still crashing. No difference.
  10. Im starting to give up with this problem. I do every possible things. Cleaning folders with temps and fxo, updating windows, updating gpu driver, add dcs folder and user saved folder to exception for windows Defendet. Nothing helps. DCS still crashes after first mission load. I really dont knows what to do next.
  11. They have update ready i think. But must be released.
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