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  1. It's a bug. I'm sure they'll tweak it out. My guess is bomb arming in the sim is very simplified at the moment. It's just about impossible for this to happen in reality between arming vanes, fuse delays, and the level of impact required.
  2. Instant action - Mosquito - Caucasus - Train strafe End mission - hit fly again button. It doesn't put me inside the Mosquito. Can see the Mosquito and Yak in exterior view, but cannot Alt+J into it. The Briefing picture reverts to the Spitfire mission this was converted from. Repeatable - at least for me.
  3. Try the page file tip. The log shows yours is still low.
  4. It can be changed. There are 4 programs that are fully configurable. Early access guide pages 300-301.
  5. I have mouse control of the Minigun. I just have to LALT C to switch from curser to view mode.
  6. Yes. Here is the 2021 summer update. https://leatherneck-sim.com/2021/06/25/2021-summer-update/
  7. When the control stick is in the neutral position or pulled back, the tail wheel is locked; in this position it is steerable 6° to the right or left through the use of the rudder pedals. With the control stick positioned forward of neutral, the tail wheel is unlocked for free swiveling action.
  8. You can copy some things over, but sharing would be bad as changes to one could crash or cause problems in the other.
  9. I'm surprised Mi-8 pilots are struggling. It feels familiar and comfortable to me.
  10. They have IFV and APC.. My 1st example is somewhat flawed because BMP2 is an IFV, MTLB is an APC, but it still applies since a BMP1 and a BM2 are both IFV's. I'd rather attack the BMP2 first. I will pay attention to the sort next time. Thanks for the info.
  11. I know it's a WiP. Selecting from APC1 or APC2 doesn't allow me tell Petro to target the more deadly BMP2 before the MTLB, since I don't now which is 1 or 2.
  12. Don't screw the pooch.
  13. The server must allow exports?
  14. Anything you want to add to DCS, liveries, mods, scripts, etc is added to the Saved Games folder.
  15. Buy the aircraft that you love the most and you can't go wrong. You will want to learn it. The community A4 is a free mod that will give you another aircraft to try out. If you're not into flipping pit switches, and want a more shallow learning curve, you can get FC3. You get multiple aircraft in 1 package. A rudder controller helps. Not sure if your stick is a twister The built in throttle will do to get you going.
  16. Maybe you haven't heard. ED absorbed Belsimtek. The IP belongs to ED now.
  17. None of them are virgins. They have all been around the block and had stuff done to them before they get sold again. My point is, even if ED's isn't a perfect representation of one that is flying, or has flown, it fits the mold in that it isn't a perfect match to any manual. It's inherent imperfectness makes it perfect.
  18. The days you are granted for offline mode are based on the last time you logged in. So if you haven't run DCS in 2 weeks, but then want to run it offline because your internet went down, it won't work. If you put it in offline mode from the menu while connected, the timer won't lock you out. Too bad internet providers don't give us notice before going down. Back when offline mode was implemented, after they switched to account based DRM, this was mentioned as a shortfall of the system. Nothing came of it though. If your phone will hotspot, you can use it to connect long enough to go in a switch it.
  19. There are specific buildings that have been this way for a very long time. Back when the there was only 1 map, there were buildings that did this. The square warehouse with 2 small squares on the roof is the one that comes to mind.
  20. A couple of considerations... 1. The type of drive matters. The more bits per cell, the faster it degrades. That's why large SLC/MLC drives cost more. SLC (Single-Layer cell) 1 bit per cell MLC (Multi-Layer cell) 2 bits per cell TLC (Triple-Layer cell) 3 bits per cell QLC (Quad-Layer cell) 4 bits per cell PLC (Penta-Level Cell) 5 bits per cell 2. Your mainboard layout matters. As an example, this is the notes section from my current board. *The PCI_E4 slot will be unavailable when an M.2 PCIe SSD module has been installed in the M.2_2 slot *The PCI_E2/ PCI_E5 slot will be unavailable when an expansion card has been installed in the PCI_E3/ PCI1 slot. *The SATA1 port will be unavailable when an M.2 SATA SSD module has been installed in the M.2_1 slot *The SATA5 port will be unavailable when an M.2 SATA SSD module has been installed in the M.2_2 slot 3. PCIe is faster. Anything on SATA is capped around 600MB a second.
  21. Since it's a shader compile error, something harmless you can try... Find the metashaders2 and fxo folders inside the user/saved games folder and delete them. They will be recreated next time you run DCS. Load time will be a little longer than normal.
  22. There is a long sync process after you connect. Try this... After you see the plane selection screen, go get a cup of coffee. In other words, click nothing, do nothing for 2 or 3 minutes. Then try to select a plane.
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