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  1. There are specific buildings that have been this way for a very long time. Back when the there was only 1 map, there were buildings that did this. The square warehouse with 2 small squares on the roof is the one that comes to mind.
  2. A couple of considerations... 1. The type of drive matters. The more bits per cell, the faster it degrades. That's why large SLC/MLC drives cost more. SLC (Single-Layer cell) 1 bit per cell MLC (Multi-Layer cell) 2 bits per cell TLC (Triple-Layer cell) 3 bits per cell QLC (Quad-Layer cell) 4 bits per cell PLC (Penta-Level Cell) 5 bits per cell 2. Your mainboard layout matters. As an example, this is the notes section from my current board. *The PCI_E4 slot will be unavailable when an M.2 PCIe SSD module has been in
  3. Since it's a shader compile error, something harmless you can try... Find the metashaders2 and fxo folders inside the user/saved games folder and delete them. They will be recreated next time you run DCS. Load time will be a little longer than normal.
  4. There is a long sync process after you connect. Try this... After you see the plane selection screen, go get a cup of coffee. In other words, click nothing, do nothing for 2 or 3 minutes. Then try to select a plane.
  5. Yes. There are limits, based in part on your machine. Here is a recent thread with tips to keep missions from tanking.
  6. The controller addressing (USB device address) will be different and most likely need to be redone. There could be other issues depending on your install. You may want to run DCS on the new machine before attempting the copy so the new install can build a fresh saved games folder. Then attempt to copy it all or partially. There are some folders, like the shaders that you don't want to copy
  7. Ok if everything is working and you have full power, the only other thing I can think of, is you are just pulling too hard on the stick. If you kill your speed in the 19 it takes a long time in nose down attitude to get it back. Keep your eye on the speed and stay above 700.
  8. Sounds like you're not getting your afterburner on. You have a massive power advantage. You should be the one doing big loop turns with attacks in your favor always. Check your control setup for the afterburners. Make sure you know where the indicator lights are.
  9. Use your power advantage to go vertical. Dive shoot climb, repeat.
  10. Double check the "historical list of units" control. It's an icon that looks like a clock/watch on the bottom bar of the ME frame. When it's on, it limits things based on the time frame of the mission.
  11. The 1st C Block 25 has BVR; The AN/APG-68(V) is a considerable advancement over the APG-66 of the F-16A/B. The planar array in the nose provides numerous air-to-air modes, including range-while-search, uplook and velocity search, single target track, raid cluster resolution, and track-while-scan for up to 10 targets. Beyond-visible-range capability has been added in the form of a high-PRF track mode to provide continuous-wave (CW) illumination for guidance of the AIM-7 Sparrow semi-active radar homing missile.
  12. I think the 1st C - block 25 has BVR. The A/B eventually get the MLU they call block 20.
  13. If it's a controller conflict and clearing the setting doesn't work, you can try moving out the saved game controller config for the P-47. When you run the game after it will build a new one from the default file. Look in config/input/
  14. One reason might be because F-15C's were already in production by 1979. They entered service before the MiG-29. Why isn't that a fair comparison?
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