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  1. Here's a basic test you can do, Open the task manager and have it always show on top. Go the DCS encyclopaedia and start flicking through all the assets and watch what happens to the memory... This has my head scratching big time.
  2. I think it has a lot to do with the higher resolutions too, especially those that run 4k monitors, I just wish there was more scope in the graphics options to tune textures.
  3. @Boosterdog So , to be clear, If I were trying to measure it in Riva, I wouldnt see any difference in the amount of VRAM or RAM being used. Yes, this is why it is quite difficult to measure the impact with benchmark tools measuring performance. I ask this because Im not. I don't tend to use bench marks either as this can distract from what you feel or perceive to be a smooth experience, Its too easy to end up chasing numbers. Not saying its not important but can lead to a bit of a rabbit hole. -its all down to feel at the end of the day which is largely subjective from person to person. really quite depressing. A vitually Empty SP mission in Syra takes all the RAM I have. This is something that comes up in other threads discussing the use of 32bit textures for the cockpits and other areas of DCS, one of the areas where benchmarking does really highlight issues with performance which is why I use a symbolic link as a way of clawing back a little performance and frame consistency to offset this. Most of this is beyond my understanding in general but suffice to say that members here have experimented and have found most cockpit textures can be reduced down to as small as 8bit textures in some cases with little to no difference in loss of quality. The hot question is why use 32bit textures at all... So as well as a £1500 GPU I also need another £240 of RAM to have anywhere approching headroom. I Feel your pain, No easy answer here only if you are looking to buy more memory id recommend at least 32GB as a minimum, personally always buying in pairs or quads. I can see why flight simming is niche. With a higher than normal demand on Hardware for the best experience I totally agree with you. Regards,
  4. So the idea of creating a symbolic link between folders is generally used to keep a program thinking all folders are where they should be. You can then move any of those files within that program to other locations where the symbolic link, links to. You can link across other drives or the same drive if desired, depending on what you want to do. It’s a windows tool at the end of the day… With regards to DCS, the reason for using this “tool” is to stop windows looking at files in DCS that it thinks are being used multiple times and committing those files to VRAM, most often it’s texture files that are being constantly used or accessed. Obviously DCS is using these files anyway to texture the 3d world and is using VRAM for those textures. What you get is a file being shoved into VRAM once by the OS and a second time decoded by DCS to be used. As these files are incredibly large in some instances you are effectively doubling down on your memory. What the symbolic link does is stop the OS from “seeing” these commonly accessed files, allowing DCS to use VRAM as normal and if those files need to be accessed they are done so from the SSD and not from memory space (as a simplified explanation).. Have a think about what the CPU is having to do by juggling files around in maxed out memory space occupied by DCS. Now you get an idea of how this is working, It’s not about saving VRAM (per se) because DCS uses all available memory anyway, it’s about easing unnecessary file manipulation. Hope this helps.
  5. It’s nice that it’s working for others, I’m really happy with how much smoother things are I only wish I discovered it sooner.
  6. Need to keep this thread up there so giving it the bump
  7. Could be something to do with the creator texture they are using. Proberbly a gazillion GB in size
  8. An option in the menu for reduced G effects would also be nice, you could have the audio and a little reduced vision around the edge but never black out.
  9. I think different hardware combinations available all have their own characteristics having their own role in the experience, using the FSSB R3 force sensing stick has the benefit of extremely good resolution and with no in game curves applied allows for a very accurate way of pulling and maintaining G-force. Before I shelved out on the R3 I was using the warthog base and the experience is vastly different between the two bits of hardware. I don't think there is right or wrong..
  10. I think it should also switch off the radar altitude if already toggled on?
  11. If the junction has been created then you need to cut and paste the contents from D:\DCS.Openbeta into DCS.Openbeta.new When you double click and open your original D:\DCS.Openbeta folder it will open as normal showing the DCS files, this shows that the folder junction is working. Hi There!, I have the same amount of memory as you
  12. I originally started using the symbolic link purely for the scenery textures on the Syrian map which I noticed some of the files in there were being access many times over, I then assumed that those files were being committed to memory for faster access in windows. Thing is DCS already commits these files as textures in memory so when windows takes that same file and dumps it in memory it means it’s using either memory or possibly a pages file. by stoping that process from happening CPU and memory get a break from juggling these large files. I then did the same thing for the cockpit textures because I know these are stupidly big files, when I did it I instantly noticed that these textures were loading a lot faster with no delay and with much better performance when panning around inside. As I experimented further I got to a point where I thought why don’t I just do this for the whole damn folder that contained everything, results were faster loading cockpit textures, less micro stuttering and a more consistent frame rate. As mentioned before mileage may vary but I’m happy with what I’ve seen.
  13. I don’t have the steam version however I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, you would need look at were the root install is and work out where you want the symbolic link.
  14. This is what I did (reference to the original post) and it seemed to make a difference so I put together a really rough guide on how to create symbolic links. I started with just texture files and saw some small improvements with certain modules but decided to see what happened if I did a symbolic link for the whole DCS root folder. I never did any formal benchmarking as this was a personal endeavour and I was going purely from what I observed and felt, however the theory behind the test was to prevent windows from committing large commonly used files constantly being accessed and forcing them into memory along with DCS, the theory is to clear memory for DCS related textures and background files being used for the DCS program. From my understanding how windows was designed was to allow commonly accessed files to be committed to virtual memory to facilitate performance especially for large file manipulation, however this can be problematic with games using considerable amounts of system memory for textures. By moving files outside the program executable but maintaining the path tricks windows into thinking that these files are no longer being commonly accessed thus freeing up memory purely for DCS without interference from windows. This was especially noticeable with the Syria map and its large densely populated urban areas as well as some areas of trees and vegetation, other improvements I noticed were modules added into the scenery with complex textures, (large texture files being accessed many times by windows). My goal is to see if I can get a consistent smooth experience across both single player and multiplayer scenarios, I want to mention this is based off my own in game graphics settings so take into account all variables from system to system. However I was quite surprised... I originally put the guide together for squad members and my own personal use if you find my guide confusing google Symbolic links and read up on it. Hope this helps How to Create a Symbolic link for DCS World.docx
  15. Could it be a wrong calculation in the fuel balance?, I know there is a certain tolerance in the Forward/Right and Aft/Left fuel split before there is a change in CG. The way the fuel is laid out in the F16 could be something to do with balance. There is an engine feed switch in the cockpit that allows you to manually draw from different tanks in order to correct for CG change if required. Might be a calculation error in fuel balance and feed, could explain the left/right tendency if there is no reaction with large throttle changes.
  16. This has to be a bug surely..
  17. You could in theory set up a TGT to VRP from a given steer point and use this as an add hoc type of visual wind indication in the HUD. Making a run in to target with the CCRP bomb fall lined up close to the VRP diamond might give you rough indication of wind direction. However I've never done this myself...
  18. I think you can reference the F10 map for the coordinate format, at the very least it will say if it needs to be west or east as the second line.
  19. Hi @Doc3908 I'm by no means an expert and I am constantly learning under the same situations shown in your video, however a few observables worth noting. Your turns inside the bandit are extremely tight pretty much cutting across the circle, you need to aim to fly into the Bandits control zone by observing when the bandit initiated his turn and then try to fly to that point in space and time and then making the turn. Assuming the bandit continues to turn you want to make your bid to lag and hold him about 30deg above the HUD on the lift vector, when the situation develops to the point you think you are ready to make a shot pull the bandit into the HUD for a guns kill. -Timing is everything, a pull to guns kill can expend a lot of energy (airspeed) the slower you are the more the leading edge flaps will schedule adding drag as it tries to gain more lift while AOA increases. -Turns made across the circle also close range rapidly ending with very high crossing angles and a risk of overshooting, pulling harder will give you a snap shot at best and not a good tracking guns kill. Judging when to cash in speed for nose position is a skill born out of repetition, it matters less about speed and more about recognising when to exchange energy for nose position in order to employ weapons. Reacting to airspeed changes made by a bandit sometimes leaves you outside ideal performance envelope's so sometimes you have to work what you got. The "when" is sometimes more important than the "how fast" being the difference between a snapshot and a good tracking guns kill. Don't get to hung up about airspeeds. I'm still learning this myself...
  20. As the title says, when selecting the master arm switch to SIM there is no HUD lettering for that status. if intentional then please disregard
  21. I'm not really up on my science but i would assume you could have that amount of weight while not being drag inducing as pylons seem to have a very thin front to back profile.
  22. Thanks for the mission, ill fire this up tomorrow and take a look
  23. So best off taking AIM7s then?
  24. Bumping to see if there is any new news on this from ED
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