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  1. Yea he's used the word symbol interchangeably 3 times for all symbols displayed in his example, I guess this could be confusing however there is enough information to be able to extrapolate the overall meaning.
  2. Actually if you look at the compass rose it shows north is down to the left so this actually correct
  3. The easy way to tell what the Hook is relative to is by looking at the arrow at the end of the hook line, this should help you orientate Something that helps me is to use "hookBull" so when you get a bulls eye calls from friendly AWACS you can get an estimate of where they might be in relation to your own jet. Its not accurate but it can help.
  4. Holding DMS right long will also allow the TGP box to snap where ever you are looking
  5. If you have the FSSB then use the FSSB axis and not the Warthog axis, Something I noticed recently was the constant jittering of the control surfaces when you are applying any pressure, the only thing I could put this down to is the Warthog board has far less resolution than the FSSB and causes weird behaviour. I did initially check for duplicate bindings but once i realise this was not the case and switched over things appeared to get really smooth
  6. Something annoying is the cursor getting washed out as you try to change contrast and brightness settings, i thought the symbol brightness controlled the cross hair brightness and the TGP information around the outside. Messing with Symbol brightness seems to do nothing much at all.
  7. I'm wondering with the DCS install size now approaching a rather large size would actually save some space if you start to include other objects that could also benefit from Taz's discovery. Seems to me that there are some fairly considerable gains to be had not only in performance but possibly in storage size? Not directly related but when I started digging around in the DCS install I noticed a fair few legacy hold overs from the very early DCS days, things like unused icons and old GUI interface art that should have really been cleaned out along time ago. I'm wondering if all th
  8. I feel your frustrations, I've come across this on lots of occasion when trying to trying to kill stuff hidden under trees. I've hit infantry with the 30mm before and they have just shrugged it off. When the infantry shoot back they seem to also fire something a lot larger that 7.62 calibre out of their rifles based on the size of the tracers and the dust they kick up. The lack of splash damage is probably at the core of all this to be honest and i think its one of those DCS things that has been promised over and over to be fixed eventually but never seems to quite make it into any patches.
  9. What would be really cool would be to have a hanger you could visit from the options menu that housed all your modules and then being able to walk around them like in a museum, maybe as you walked up close to each of them you had the music kick in for each module
  10. Id love to see this as an option to.
  11. I had made the suggestion in a previous post to have the option to shift the hud up or down with a slider bar in the special option area, I know the hud/reticle for the ka50 can be adjusted up or down. It would make sense for it to work the same for the scorpion system. I think this is being looked into :thumbup:
  12. It gets worse when you have destroyed a target that is on fire, the whole area around the burning get completely washed out.
  13. I noticed this the other day thinking the same thing as you I looked through the manual to see if I could find anything on it but came up blank. What I found is that when you have it latched and fire the laser the L only flashes twice and then stops.
  14. It would be really nice to be able to adjust the whole HUD up and down like you can with the KA50 so you can align it with the centre of your eyes. At the moment the HUD is slightly to high in the headset and it means I need to tilt my head a little further down than I naturally would to look at a target or point on the ground. This can be even harder as you turn your head further to the left or right past the 3/9 position. A simple special option with a slider to adjust position would be great
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