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  1. What would be really cool would be to have a hanger you could visit from the options menu that housed all your modules and then being able to walk around them like in a museum, maybe as you walked up close to each of them you had the music kick in for each module
  2. Id love to see this as an option to.
  3. I had made the suggestion in a previous post to have the option to shift the hud up or down with a slider bar in the special option area, I know the hud/reticle for the ka50 can be adjusted up or down. It would make sense for it to work the same for the scorpion system. I think this is being looked into :thumbup:
  4. It gets worse when you have destroyed a target that is on fire, the whole area around the burning get completely washed out.
  5. I noticed this the other day thinking the same thing as you I looked through the manual to see if I could find anything on it but came up blank. What I found is that when you have it latched and fire the laser the L only flashes twice and then stops.
  6. It would be really nice to be able to adjust the whole HUD up and down like you can with the KA50 so you can align it with the centre of your eyes. At the moment the HUD is slightly to high in the headset and it means I need to tilt my head a little further down than I naturally would to look at a target or point on the ground. This can be even harder as you turn your head further to the left or right past the 3/9 position. A simple special option with a slider to adjust position would be great
  7. Be nice to also have an option to hide the throttle too.
  8. Agree completely, but when you uncheck "hear like in helmet" in the sound options I would expect to hear something close to what this video shows as this is recorded right from the cockpit outside of the the helmet. Our DCS version doesn't sound as close to this, but it being EA I'm sure it will improve.:thumbup:
  9. Not sure if the AP would account for wind But did you have any weather settings in your mission?
  10. Agreed, I would also rather have a just a few leaves or grass whipped up on the caucuses map, the white smoke bomb effect is a little over kill for that map.
  11. This effect would probably not be missed if it was removed especially while transitioning across terrain. Hovering on the spot I’d expect it to happen as an a cumulative effective building the longer you stay in one place.
  12. As far as I know just ‘textures" are for cockpit texture resolution only and terrain textures control terrain only. As to what the terrain textures actually change is a bit of a mystery to me, I know from the Syrian map to keep the terrain textures on low for quite a good hike in performance for no noticeable loss in quality.
  13. And yet we have a civi version of the Huey that has some great non combat missions that are enjoyed by many people. I for one have no problem in having civilian planes in DCS as it’s a great platform for story driven missions, something that "other flight sims don’t seem to have".
  14. Well a few rain drops is not going to stop me from purchasing the Kiowa that’s for sure, and I have no problem with the devs or their attitude, unlike some of the forum members that frequent these threads.
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