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  1. Sorry for the confusion, just ignore github links and instructions, and follow the readme file inside the package. You should copy scripts from 'export-script' folder and run 'dcsserver.jar' from the 'pc' folder
  2. Which part exactly is ambiguous? If you followed the github link, ignore it. Just use the archive file and included readme file in "user files" link. I want to come back too, but unfortunately my PhD progress presentation is closing and I have to do some work to present :). I will resume development next month.
  3. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the TAD. Auto starting components is easy. There is also another request about saving window position and size. My plan is to save running components, window sizes and restore at the next launch. To display the bugged target, I have to check some lua api examples to interact with avionics, but I know it is possible. I am not actively playing for a couple of weeks. I can only send a new version once I start playing again and test the changes.
  4. Added AI CAS and CAP spawns. Updated original post and mission file.
  5. Currently, all the aircrafts are set as client, so only you are in the air in SP. But spawning some CAS minions may be fun. Lots of targets for fast movers.
  6. This is a dota style mission with single lane for MP and SP Now updated with AI CAS and CAP units in version 0.2.0 version 0.2.1 fixed F10 interval setting Every 3 minutes, new armor groups spawn and march on enemy base on a random path. There is no missile threat, only some Shilka. Pick your side, destroy enemy armor. When a ground group reaches enemy base, team score increases. There are also constant AI CAS and CAP flight spawns. Deny enemy flight missions to help ground forces. Detailed information on battle flow: 4xT-55 : Spawns every 3 mins, marches enemy base on random path.
  7. Thanks a lot. The problem may not be the ability to cycle waypoints. I think the export API used in this package for getting waypoints only works for lockon series aircraft. When I play black shark or A10C, I only see allied aircraft and no waypoints. If you see a waypoint "0" in the beginning, then it is possible to cycle and display waypoints. If there is no waypoint "0", that means the export API does not give waypoints for that module. In that case, I can add a waypoint as the initial position of the aircraft in the display. I will update the package when I have free time.
  8. Dragging with right click will resize it. Make sure you are using latest version.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I want bullseye too, but it is not simply available in the export API. The solutions I have seen take coordinates as user input. Luckily, in my campaign, the bullseye is always on one of the waypoints :D.
  10. I did not test your Export script myself in simulation yet, but your file has an extra end at the end of the code. change ProcessLowImportance = ProcessNoLowImportance end end end end local dcstadlsf=require('lfs');dofile(dcstadlsf.writedir()..'Scripts/dcstad.lua') with ProcessLowImportance = ProcessNoLowImportance end end end local dcstadlsf=require('lfs');dofile(dcstadlsf.writedir()..'Scripts/dcstad.lua') If it still fails, you may also want to test your export script without the dcstad script. (Remove " local dcstadlsf=require .
  11. The line should be after every "end" word (or anything). So just to be sure, move the line to the very end of the file. To test the program alone (without any other export scripts), backup your Export.lua, delete everything in it except the line starting with " local dcstadlsf="
  12. I sent my wingman about 10 KM ahead to engage and tank some amramms, all it could do was breaking their formation. When rest of the flight merged, it was mayhem. We all got killed within a minute :). Watching in the Tacview was fun though.
  13. Hi, Saving window position is in my plan, I am going to implement once I have time. I thought about a key event for changing scale, but it is not as trivial as it seems. In pure java capturing key events when out-of-focus is not possible (source). It is possible with native libraries and keyboard hooks, but it is bad for portability and keyboard hooks are perceived as potentially harmful software :). Another solution is to capture key events in the simulation and send commands to the TAD application, but export scripts only receive commands, they don't expose user input. Thanks for
  14. Thise instructions are required only if you are building from the source. If you downloaded the package from the github releases page, you should follow those instructions. If you downloaded from the DCS website, that only includes compiled jars and you can follow the instructions in the readme file inside the package.
  15. Hi, I checked the API functions, but could not find any data about waypoints of other objects. It is possible to add friendly ground unit positions as dots or small squares but the performance may begin to drop while exporting large number of objects.
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