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  1. Update v1.7.1 +-----------+ | CHANGELOG | +-----------+ v1.7.1 > Little updates/fixes. Reviewed warning light texture. Added: Weapon Switch (overhead) Light. "Dirty Windows" addon.
  2. There's a gap. It looks like the front face of Ekran isn't fit well on the Ekran area. I did draw yellow arrows, and dot the gap area. Please see the image. Thank you.
  3. Mine was 58,640Mb. Let's try yours. :)
  4. Update v1.7b Thank you so much for your feedback Mondaysoff. Obviously I messed up something, but I fixed everything. :joystick: Thanks again. :thumbup: +-----------+ | CHANGELOG | +-----------+ v1.7b >>> Bugfix of bugfix: Aircraft datum and pitch ladder. Thanks for the feedback by @mondaysoff. Fixed radar "R" letter's vertical position.
  5. Update v1.7 +-----------+ | CHANGELOG | +-----------+ v1.7 Bugfix: Memory letter fixed (П > M). Added: Ground collisionn (G) on Shkval. Moved "AT" and "M" letters 10 pixels upwards to avoid conflict with lines on the Shkval.
  6. Ok, got it but, then that means we have another bug: After repair, I see the trim diamond at the center. It looks like it has been reset. Contrary, the Control Indicator should show me the trim diamond's position where I left.
  7. Hi. Story: When I enter multiplayer server main page (although fav servers can be seen at the top of the list), I always select "no password", "Caucasus map" and "EU region" to see a clear list. You know that the Server List Page doesn't remember our choices. We have to re-select items from the menu every time. So, I've just peeked the code for what I can do for myself. If you too want to bake your fav choices, you can follow the instructions below and make the changes as you wish. I also attached my lua file and a screenshot. STEP #1/2 This step performs to display "No" items on Password and Protect menu. Find the file: "..\DCS World OpenBeta\MissionEditor\modules\mul_server_list.lua" file. > Make a copy of it. Do not work on the stock file, or if you are an OvGME user, you'll know what to do. > Now, open your copy of file. (You can use Notepad++ to edit files.) See line #512 Select this line and copy: a_comboList:selectItem(item) Now, type "two dashes" at the beginning of the line. Like this: --a_comboList:selectItem(item) Go to line #521 and paste it (the line #512 you copied) there. STEP #2/2 This step performs to display "Caucasus" item on Maps menu and "EU" item on Region menu, instead of "Any". Modify line #728 & 729 You'll see this: addItemFilterMaps(_("Any"),"any", true) addItemFilterRegions(_("Any"),"any", true) Change like this: addItemFilterMaps(_("Caucasus"),"Caucasus", true) addItemFilterRegions(_("EU"),"EU", true) Save the file! Now, when you enter you'll see your options are there and the page will automatically load the filtered list. Notes: 1) This modify won't speed up the server list loading. 2) Integrity Check: OK. :book::pilotfly: mul_server_list.lua
  8. Hi. Problem question: When Ka-50 repairing, is it possible to miss out zeroing trim? Story: Last week, in Aerobatics Online Server, those happened respectively: > I landed on the helipad. There was a little forward trim on the cyclic. > Then, a F-18 crashed very close to me. My aircraft damaged badly and I requested "repair". > My Ka-50 was repaired and I started up the AC. I trimmed a little forward and took off. Problem: At that time, I realized that there was too much forward trim, I did reset trim and, voila! I got balanced trim like before repairing. Is there anybody experienced this? Thank you.
  9. Don't be sorry Dr.Zaius. Even if those helicopters have rain droplets on windshields, wipers won't wipe drops. It's a terrible view, believe me. You have to gain speed as soon as possible or disable that feauture. :)
  10. I see raindrops inner side of Outer Air temperature gauge. Not big deal tho...
  11. It looks like Ekran texture is not fit on the Ekran area. Is this OK or is it me?
  12. You're welcome man. I have special and secret relationships! :lol: No, man. ED says it's "Cockpit-Ka-50_3" in DCS World folders. It works with current version of Ka-50 anyway. :)
  13. You're right about "certain angle to the sun" but if you take care and zoom to a far target, you can see the dust on the window without the sun. Actually I tried too many adjustments but I didn't want to overdo and didn't want this dust thing to wreck sim joy. Thanks. :)
  14. Hi. This mod provides slightly dirty windows and removes all baked reflections on some glass materials in the Ka-50 cockpit such as all windows, Shkval screen, ABRIS screen and two tracking sensors glasses. The reflections on HUD glasses were dimmed a little bit for realism. I've used dust textures provided by ED with "no reflections" of course. I didn't want to make the dirt too thick but according to your feedback, of course I can adjust it for further versions. Actually, my aim was to make a mod for Ka-50 cockpit with complete clean windows and no baked reflections on the glass, and then I decided to use dust textures. There are 4 sub-modes of this mod: Clean Windows w/ no reflections (RU) Clean Windows w/ no reflections (EN) Dirty Windows w/ no reflections (RU) Dirty Windows w/ no reflections (EN) You can choose which you want and install. Please see the screenshots. DOWNLOAD: DEVRiM_DCS_BlackShark 3_Dirty-CleanWindowsNoReflections_Mod_v1.2 Upload: 08/2020
  15. Hi Goa. Now I'm re-checking aaallll my mods from the scratch. If SU27 cockpit mod is outdated it need to be updated, I'll do it very very soon. See you.
  16. Yes, we do. :lol::joystick: Seriously, we do it like you told. :smartass: It takes not only hours but days or weeks! No any cockpit templates are provided by ED or anyone.
  17. Of course you'll install in Saved Games folder but, you need to get description.lua file from ModelViewer2. You need to search for "description.lua" thing and learn how to create a proper one for your cockpit mods, so that DCS will see your mod and list it, or you always get Integrity Check error.
  18. OK. I gave up to wait for an authority to read here and write a reply already, but at least, please fix the issue above. It's still there. Thank you!
  19. Hi guys. Sorry if I opened this thread in wrong place, and sorry for tittle, I may not expression myself well. CASE: I have a mod installed in "Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/Cockpit-Ka-50_3/" folder. PROBLEM: In one of lines in "description.lua", I want to call a DDS file from "C:\Program Files\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Ka-50\Liveries\Cockpit-Ka-50_3\english" folder. I don't want to use this address directly, there must be a proper way to give the address. I tried many many options but no one worked. For example, this won't work. DCS ignores my mod. {"ka50_cpt_01", DIFFUSE, current_mod_path.. "Liveries\Cockpit-Ka-50_3\english\ka50_cpt_01_alb_ENG", false}; Is there anyone who can help me about that? Thank you.
  20. Ahahah! No, he is George Clooney. :lol:
  21. Just using Photoshop's tools; desaturation etc. You need only to select background to work on or, select all texture and remove some parts that will not be touched and the rest is to make some adjustments. I'm not sure. :) Maybe when I have spare time... :joystick:
  22. Update v1.6 +-----------+ | CHANGELOG | +-----------+ v1.6 > Updated for upgraded Black Shark 2 (08/2020).
  23. Did you select English cockpit from the Special tab in Options page?
  24. Did you test your profile in Saitek's software? Is it working in test page?
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