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  1. Last night, at some areas of the map (I think it was around Beslan) I got black screen too. But for example around Kutaisi, I got detailed view.
  2. Once you Emerg. Gear Lever push down, there's no way to pull it up. I don't know if it's as intended. That's why you can't retract the gear, after that point.
  3. Sure, it should be still working.
  4. Last night, I pushed the engine at max conditions at high altitude as possible as I can. I really pushed hard the engine and fuselage. Cockpit was alarm heaven; Master Warnings, "15 Sec", "Over Temp", JPT warnings... All were there but engine didn't break! My fuel ran out and I managed to land safely. On the runway, I just refueled and took off. Only JPT warning still was there, that's it. No oil starvation, no engine dead.
  5. I should open a new thread maybe, but just like to say that RWR can't be shut off via HOTAS keybinding.
  6. Hi. This issue exists for a long time really. When I press HUD button on MFD-Cougar, my 8" TFT screen displays really heavy blurred HUD. It has been there for months, maybe more... I may be wrong but I remember that I've opened a thread or written on a thread about this, but couldn't find. So, opened again. Is there any move on this issue? Thank you.
  7. What I get is that BS3 is a new module. That means it's a separate module. Probably you will able to buy and download via Module Manager section in DCS. Installing BS3 will not remove BS2 or it won't overwrite BS2 - my guess. About discount amount; there's no official announcement yet. So, in my opinion, it wouldn't be right thing to comment on it.
  8. After an unsuccessful search, I said the same thing... I mean almost the same... but it's great thing for our reputation of course. Your works come first when finding reliable information for a module. Thanks again Chuck!
  9. Is there any command for Weapon Invertal Rotary CW/CCW?
  10. Unconsciously I've found myself searching Chuck's guides for NS430.
  11. Some guys don't want to use modded EN cockpit, and I completely understand this. They want to use officially by H.B. Same; I don't want to try to take care the modded keyboard or joystick keybindings lua file before DCS update and after update install, everytime! Years passed and there's no attention on something to improve game fun, playability by the devs. There is a mess about switch keybindings. H.B. and everyone in this game has 3-pos switch HOTAS? If you put a command for your HOTAS specifically, why don't you put additional commands for users who use "other" HOTAS? Is it really really that hard to complete switch and rotary commands in the cockpit?... Switches and rotaries can't be assigned on HOTAS properly. Some have CW and CCW commands, some don't. Switch sounds doesn't work properly. You can't create a home cockpit for yourself for years. Sorry, these are the things in my mind for years... Thanks.
  12. As an EN Cockpit mod maker for Viggen, even I'd like to see official EN cockpit from the devs, but first, I desperately want and hope to see correct keybindings for switches and rotaries.
  13. FYI. If you'd like to use mods, I have a mod in UserFiles for temporary fix for the sound issue.
  14. @ctguy1955 It was working on the date you wrote this, and it still works today. I made a flight last night, no problem. Only, I need some little update textures, that's it.
  15. 500+ pages. Thanks a lot Chuck!
  16. I don't see this when I fly. For making additional info for the team, could you show your options?
  17. That key must be on Ins Cyclic section. You'll see the animation; flipping something in front of the cyclic.
  18. Thank you first of all. About HUD, they're not related my mod, it's about what you've chosen in OPTIONS page. Check it out, please. It's AVIONICS LANGUAGE (if I recall correct) in OPTIONS page. See you.
  19. Hi. Finally I'll try to do that, too but, all photos gone! Is there any chance to restore them? Thank you.
  20. Semor; no, you're right about not able to select EN option, because there is not. I forgot to update ReadMe.txt. Probably the mod will already be working. Have you tried if it's working or not?
  21. I came to here to open a thread about this, but there's already. Customized Cockpit feature only sees "default" option (this issue is the same for some other modules, like Mig29 i.e.). Other cockpit names in the list are being ignored in game. I prepared a cockpit mod but it won't work if I choose it from Customized Cockpit menu. If I paste all files in the "default" folder, the mod works in game without any problem. Thanks!.
  22. I click on "Favorite Servers" and click SEARCH icon. It's doing full search and nothing appears on the list. I click again on "Fav Servers" and disable it, and full list comes on the screen, and I see my favs there. Again I click again on "Fav Servers" and OK, only my favs are there now. Is it working like this? If I click on SEARCH and then Fav Servers, it won't show my favs, either. "Favorite Servers" is really great feature but I think its behavior should be improved. Thanks a lot!
  23. Could you please download and try it once more? I renamed all EN folders, "default" and changed all EN words in description lua files. Thanks.
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