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  1. This bug was solved by ED, by the way. Thanks a lot ED!
  2. Hi. Originally AI Helper overlay key is "CTRL+V". I changed it to "A". Now I can open helper and countermeasure overlays, but can't close them. Triangle sign with elv., speed and L/R indicators always stay on the screen. Only "CTRL+V" can close AI Helper, but CTRL+V isn't assigned anywhere in my Controls page. I changed it to "A". I hope I can tell the problem. Thanks.
  3. I hear that sentence too. I guess it may be "Gear down" warning.
  4. Hi. After the latest update, trimmer button now trims the rudder too?
  5. Perfect! Nice! Did you check the dust filter switch's cover? Is it working just like in the DCS?
  6. WOW! I really like this site but somehow I've been having some problems to manage and follow the forums. I don't know if that's the reason but, I wasn't aware of this map, its development, news or anything and it is really really big surprise to me! It just suddenly came from nowhere! So, I'm in shock! Thanks so much ED for this free and great map! I don't know what to say more... Many many thanks!
  7. @Rem7449 - I'm so sorry. I missed your post. Since April, what have you done? Mod is working or what? See you.
  8. Hi mate. There're three mods about black cockpit in User Files. Sundowner.pl and Madara.95 have made them. Set the "type" skin and search. Thanks a lot man.
  9. Oh man! I know what you feel. Sorry for that. Nice work by the way.
  10. So? What about are we arguing? There isn't any hole or cut(?) in real life cover either. So, switch would mechanically go "off" with cover's move. IRL and DCS is the same lane now, right?
  11. Yes. ED finally has made what I want. YEEEY!
  12. At first day, I flew to learn the Hind and crash into the fround just like the way in the video. Nothing happened, heli rolled a few and started to fly again. I said myself, "OK, DM is not here. Cool. Go head." Later, while flying in a MP server, I did an accident and burnt in flames! Yes, DM is WIP but in the video the helicopter doesn't take any damage. I think Alienzo should check the mission settings about damage.
  13. Nope. If it was only a 3D model bug, switch would close but we'd see the switch's tip over the cover. If this is a bug, this must be more than a 3D model bug. It looks like the devs have done this on purpose, but let's see what they will say about that. By the way, if you watch real Mi-24P videos on the Internet, you'll see the Dust Protection cover which is the same as in DCS: Mi-24P.
  14. It's correct as is to me! Just like the other some switches on the DC and AC Power panels. My thinking is that you don't use Dust Protection during whole flight. You use it only at T/O and landings. So, I guess this switch cover is made like this on purpose to make very easy to turn off the switch and its cover.
  15. You'd better provide a track to see what's going on, because there's no problem on op's seat with TIR5, on my side.
  16. Hi. Customized Cockpit feature only sees "default" option (this issue is the same for some other modules, like Mig29 i.e.). Other cockpit names in the list are being ignored in the game. I prepared a cockpit mod but it won't work in the game, if I choose it from Customized Cockpit menu. If I paste all files in the "default" folder, the mod works without any problem. Thanks!.
  17. Hi... Yes, another gray cockpit thing. Sorry. Actually and apparently Blaze did a gray cockpit in 2014 but it's pretty outdated a mod for today's Mustang module. I re-made a gray cockpit. I hope you'll enjoy. DCS: P-51D Complete Gray Cockpit Mod v1.0 | 06/2021
  18. Thanks guys. The mod has been released.
  19. Hi... I think I've seen an Mi-24P which has complete black cockpit if I'm not wrong, in Goggle Images. So, not to waste my all Sunday, I have prepared a mod about that. I hope you'll enjoy. Thank you. DOWNLOAD: DCS: Mi-24P Gray (Panels) Cockpit Mod v1.1 (08/2021)
  20. Last night, at some areas of the map (I think it was around Beslan) I got black screen too. But for example around Kutaisi, I got detailed view.
  21. Once you Emerg. Gear Lever push down, there's no way to pull it up. I don't know if it's as intended. That's why you can't retract the gear, after that point.
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