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  1. No, ReadMe says install the mod into Program Files folder. GottHold did right, but I have no idea why no EN option in the menu. To check the installation; I copied the "MOD" folder from my mod zip, and did paste into DCS World folder and the mod was installed properly and now I can see the option in the menu. There's no reason not to see the EN, according to your screenshots GottHold... At that moment, if you enter AJS37cockpit folder, can you see other (default and imperial) folders?
  2. In my country, Turkey, everyday is Turkey Day.
  3. They work for me too but I'm a littttttle bit struggling with the hover mode, and then ok, well, it works eventually, but not just that easy like Ka-50's Hover Mode.
  4. Oh! So sorry. I missed the "it will not grow up" part. Thanks so much Shaka!
  5. Hello guys. This solution no longer works on my side. Is there any alternative one?
  6. I wonder when they will be in that road. Even keybindings of cockpit buttons and knobs aren't completed yet.
  7. You know, in multiplayer missions, you see the envelope icon that means you have got new messages. This function removes the envelope (until you enable it again), and you'll never see the icon even if you have got new messages. --- But, nowadays these keybindings may not work properly because something is wrong with SHIFT and CTRL keys. They work in rotation. Sorry, this may be wrong expression. You hit SHIFT+TAB to type something. You did type and sent and hit TAB again to close type box. If you want to type something again, SHIFT+TAB won't work for you at second time. You need to hit CTRL key once, and now SHIFT+TAB will work. This bug needs to be fixed urgently!
  8. This problem exists really long time, and I don't record replays either, and delete them regularly (plus, I used to use a cheat to stop recording multiplayer replays etc.) - I don't know why ED still keeps this feature or why they don't fix it... But there was a thing that I know that, after replay starts, "if" I don't touch anything, but aannyytthhiinngg, replay goes OK without any problem, but if I touch anything like F1, F2, F10 or time speed, something goes wrong with replaying the track. Anyway. I have no idea if this still works...
  9. I came here to report the same thing. Late for 2 months.
  10. Thank you Kingsnake. Dear moderator. I understand the track request, but believe me the problem is the missing textures in Cockpit_Mi-24P_scoreboard_on_ENG.dds file.
  11. Thank you Frederf. But I also having this problem: I changed "kneeboard" ON/OFF key to: LShift+< (It's called OEM something.) Apart from the chat typing problem, I'm having problem to open kneeboard with this LShift+< keybinding. That's why I'm pretty sure something wrong with Lshift and LCtrl keys.
  12. Oh thanks. I'm experiencing many weird things in DCS and generally I see that it's only me, and I have to solve it by myself. I thought this is one of them. Thanks for feedback.
  13. My problem has started a few updates before. In multiplayer, to type something I hit LSHIFT+TAB. It opens and I type something. I hit TAB again to close type mode and keep fly. But again I hit LSHIFT+TAB, only chat messages show up - no type mode, unless I touch CTRL key. Weird. I thought something wrong on my side. I enter CONTROLLERS page and go to UILayer section. I hit LSHIFT+TAB, TAB, LCTRL+TAB, TAB, LSHIFT+TAB again LCTRL+TAB etc. etc. - it works! DCS responses immediately in Controllers page. LShift and LCtrl works great. But, in-game, after one time LSHIFT worked, at second hit it won't work. If I hit LCtrl, then Lshift will work for one time. Am I only one? Thanks.
  14. Hi mate. Could you re-new photos or send me? Thank you.
  15. CHANGELOG v1.1 - Fix for OFF light on the Hover & Low-Speed Indicator, and fix for M (memory) light on the Cruise Speed and Sideslip Indicator (08/2021). These bugs are still present in EN cockpit. I made a temporary fix for my mod.
  16. Thanks. If they work in RU cockpit and don't work in EN cockpit, I guess it's forgotten thing. I hope they add it to EN cockpit.
  17. I don't know about bombs but in MP, I can launch dispensers, guys. Please check your start-up steps.
  18. As title says, after gaining speed and the indicator goes off, little OFF light doesn't work in EN cockpit (the one in RU cockpit works).
  19. I can't see your engine gauges, it's too dark, but I think your engines are not started. So, after you get power, those lights will be ON.
  20. I have no longer this issue recently. I or my bank didn't do anything about that, I'm sure, but it's solved! Thank you!
  21. This bug was solved by ED, by the way. Thanks a lot ED!
  22. Hi. Originally AI Helper overlay key is "CTRL+V". I changed it to "A". Now I can open helper and countermeasure overlays, but can't close them. Triangle sign with elv., speed and L/R indicators always stay on the screen. Only "CTRL+V" can close AI Helper, but CTRL+V isn't assigned anywhere in my Controls page. I changed it to "A". I hope I can tell the problem. Thanks.
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