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  1. For make this clear... Mod is now working or not?
  2. Honestly this thread needs to be updated urgently but... but... I hope...
  3. A new problem. I've bought P-47D in Steam and transferred the licence to DCS Standalone. That's OK! Now, I want to buy NS430 for my C-101, but couldn't find NS430 for C-101 in Steam. I think I'm stuck now, right?
  4. Thanks a lot Rudel. Steam way will solve my problem. I had a Paypal account and used many years but, unfortunately PayPal hasn't been working in my country since 2016. Don't ask why.
  5. My problem still exists. I can't "pay" for any module in DCS. Other all international payments work for my credit card. I mean there's no issue on my card or bank. My ticket has been closed automatically. I don't know what to do. I have Steam account. If I buy a module via Steam, can I use it with my standalone version? Thanks.
  6. Hi TooBad. This mod is working with the latest version of DCS World. Which part of ReadMe text, are you having problem?
  7. Hi. Could we continue this on the Viggen EN thread? Thanks.
  8. Hey man. Your problem solved? Now I've the same problem. Thx.
  9. Thank "you" and thanks to ED Team, Bignewy. I'm very well and I hope you are, too. In the text, cardholder is me and card issuer is my bank, right? I'll call them again but I wouldn't surprise if they tell me the same story about everything is OK on their side. Well. Let's try again. Thanks again. See you.
  10. Hi dear forum members. I have an interesting issue about paying. Never had a problem like that for many years. I opened ticket but no response so far. So, I opened this thread maybe some other guys have experienced this. I've read all the FAQ pages carefully but couldn't find my problem, because it's weird. Problem: Somehow I can't pay anymore via my VISA "credit" card (not debit) that I've always used to pay for DCS modules (almost 23 purchases since 2011). At "secure" page, I don't receive any SMS code to my cellphone. Waiting and waiting in silence... I called m
  11. I agree with you. This is like this way for years, and it's sad. Sometimes we won't see new comments unless we upload any update or accidentally visit the page. :D
  12. No problem here actually. Physics and NWS on the ground work fine here. :)
  13. I added; F16_DED = { x = 2725; -- DED start pos. y = 0; -- DED pos from top. width = 600; height = 200; } in my monitorsetup.lua, as you do (this is my monitor setup, of course). And, added; if not USE_DED then --ViewportHandling dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") update_screenspace_diplacement(1, true, 0) try_find_assigned_viewport("F16_DED") end at the end of the DED_init.lua (at "...\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\Displays\DED\indicator") It works. DED can be exportable. *** By the way, I have a problem. I modified ViewportHandlin
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