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  1. Thank "you" and thanks to ED Team, Bignewy. I'm very well and I hope you are, too. In the text, cardholder is me and card issuer is my bank, right? I'll call them again but I wouldn't surprise if they tell me the same story about everything is OK on their side. Well. Let's try again. Thanks again. See you.
  2. Hi dear forum members. I have an interesting issue about paying. Never had a problem like that for many years. I opened ticket but no response so far. So, I opened this thread maybe some other guys have experienced this. I've read all the FAQ pages carefully but couldn't find my problem, because it's weird. Problem: Somehow I can't pay anymore via my VISA "credit" card (not debit) that I've always used to pay for DCS modules (almost 23 purchases since 2011). At "secure" page, I don't receive any SMS code to my cellphone. Waiting and waiting in silence... I called m
  3. I agree with you. This is like this way for years, and it's sad. Sometimes we won't see new comments unless we upload any update or accidentally visit the page. :D
  4. No problem here actually. Physics and NWS on the ground work fine here. :)
  5. I added; F16_DED = { x = 2725; -- DED start pos. y = 0; -- DED pos from top. width = 600; height = 200; } in my monitorsetup.lua, as you do (this is my monitor setup, of course). And, added; if not USE_DED then --ViewportHandling dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") update_screenspace_diplacement(1, true, 0) try_find_assigned_viewport("F16_DED") end at the end of the DED_init.lua (at "...\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\Displays\DED\indicator") It works. DED can be exportable. *** By the way, I have a problem. I modified ViewportHandlin
  6. Thanks for feedback Kot. And I think only you and I suffer from this issue. :)
  7. Update: I bought two DP to VGA cables and everything works. VGA is life. VGA is the future. :D :D
  8. Hi. I tried to search about this problem but it's a mess, I couldn't find anything, but there must be someone having this issue. I managed to export F-16's MFDs to two 8" TFT screen that I use them with T.M. cougars. But the images are too dim or dark to see. I raise brightness of screens but it's not normal, background is turning to gray. Is there a known issue or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
  9. Yes, I experienced this too but if I'm not recall wrong, I see those only on the runway; while taking off or landing...
  10. Oh. Sorry, I forgot it I guess. :) Ok, nice then. See you.
  11. Please, no worries. I operated an operation on my SSD and tried getting some empty spaces on my SSD to allocate some sectors for Syria map, but no success, big fail. :D I could re-install FC3 sometime later. See you. Stay safe.
  12. Hi Windu. I'm so sorry I missed this thread for long time. About your problem, I couldn't follow your problem. "If" your problem still going on, could you please describe again? Thank you.
  13. Hi @ngreenaway. What's the problem? Installation issue? I'd like to help.
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