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  1. Thank you first of all. About HUD, they're not related my mod, it's about what you've chosen in OPTIONS page. Check it out, please. It's AVIONICS LANGUAGE (if I recall correct) in OPTIONS page. See you.
  2. Hi. Finally I'll try to do that, too but, all photos gone! Is there any chance to restore them? Thank you.
  3. Semor; no, you're right about not able to select EN option, because there is not. I forgot to update ReadMe.txt. Probably the mod will already be working. Have you tried if it's working or not?
  4. I came to here to open a thread about this, but there's already. Customized Cockpit feature only sees "default" option (this issue is the same for some other modules, like Mig29 i.e.). Other cockpit names in the list are being ignored in game. I prepared a cockpit mod but it won't work if I choose it from Customized Cockpit menu. If I paste all files in the "default" folder, the mod works in game without any problem. Thanks!.
  5. I click on "Favorite Servers" and click SEARCH icon. It's doing full search and nothing appears on the list. I click again on "Fav Servers" and disable it, and full list comes on the screen, and I see my favs there. Again I click again on "Fav Servers" and OK, only my favs are there now. Is it working like this? If I click on SEARCH and then Fav Servers, it won't show my favs, either. "Favorite Servers" is really great feature but I think its behavior should be improved. Thanks a lot!
  6. Could you please download and try it once more? I renamed all EN folders, "default" and changed all EN words in description lua files. Thanks.
  7. Hmmm. I got it. Renaming "English" to "default" folder works for only "S" model. Other models' description.lua file that doesn't know English folder is renamed still looks at "English" folder. I'll update the mod for installation method. Thank a lot you guys for feedback.
  8. WOW! I didn't know that. I guess this method works for all windows too, right?... Man! I prepared a bat file. It runs TrackIR.exe, DCSFlightPanels.exe and DCS.exe, respectively. Before Flight Panel app update, it was minimize itself. Somehow latest version won't do that. Nevermind...
  9. Hi. On Options/Settings window, I click "Minimize To System Tray", but it won't do that. I deleted AppData folders. I re-saved my commandkeys etc. etc., but everytime I check Settings, "Minimize" option seems unchecked (or not saved). What's wrong with it? Thanks.
  10. Finally Saferpay works for me! And I pre-ordered too.
  11. Hi guys. That's why I especially put a note "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DCS v2.5.6.43872 AND HIGHER" for that older mod's page. It really needs huge work to make compatible the mod for newer cockpit. Nearly impossible for me.
  12. For make this clear... Mod is now working or not?
  13. Honestly this thread needs to be updated urgently but... but... I hope...
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