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  1. Thanks Archer..... By the way, I noticed some leaves on the runway this morning - you had better get your brush out. :thumbup:
  2. Well, not completely new - Just seriously updated.... http://www.the159th.com/ Could any webmasters that have our old web address please take note of this change and amend any links you may have? Thanks Please have a look and feel free to drop by the forums and say hello. We are currently looking for a 'same (ish) timezone (UK)' squad to hook up with for training flights etc - if your squad is interested, please drop me a line. Thanks
  3. Is their going to be an option for standalone servers???? :rolleyes:
  4. Thanks for your responses guys. shamandgg - thanks for the comments on the sig. Whilst I would love to say it was me that did it, it was actually a rather talented member of our squad..... :)
  5. Thanks for the feedback lads. I already have a couple of SATA HDD's in the machine both with about 50Gb + spare. At least I now know that there will be little point in replacing the memory in my machine with lower latency memory. Would there be any mileage in upping the memory to 2gig??? I really am concerned about the load times of LOMAC - i timed it last night at over 4 minutes (i know it doesn't sound a lot! But when you are sat waiting - it seems an age!) Thanks again
  6. At the mo, i have 1 gb of standard DDR400 (El Cheapo) memory in my machine. What kind of performance difference will I potentially notice with LOMAC? I have noticed the loading screen seems to take longer and longer..... I am looking to get some high end 1 gb (2x512) CAS 2 XMS memory to replace The rig i am talking about is as follows: P4 3.2 Extreme XFX GF 6800 GT 1 gig of crap memory 300 Gb of HDD nothing else of interest!! apart from a lot of fans.
  7. That's a coinciendence!! I work for Sunbelt in the UK. Remote Admin is a very good tool - may be a little expensive for what you are trying to acheive though.
  8. Well in short - Join a Squadron! I fly with the 159th, who are still recruiting.... We fly both the Su33 & Su25T running dynamic campaigns. If anyone is bored with flying on their own, come and join a structured well established Squadron, there are plenty about! I found this increased both my enjoyment and appreciation of the game tenfold. If you are interested in the 159th, pay our forums a visit and post your interest : 159th Forum See you there? :D
  9. This may have already been covered - though can't seem to find any posts on it..... Is there any way to set up a dedicated server within FC? I run a server almost twice a week for the 159th and will soon have a second machine sat idle, just begging to run a dedicated server... Any ideas??? Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Regards :rolleyes:
  10. I have run a dual core processor since Lockons release - both Pentium and AMD with no detrimental affects. As said in a previous reply, it only utilises one of the cores to run the game, so the faster the core the faster the game. I also have had to make NO changes to the lockon configuration to run the game (I currently run at about 40 - 50 fps on full settings 1280x1024). I would assume that the processor speed of your new alienware PC would be greater than your original machine. Also memory bandwidth etc would be increased as well with the more modern Motherboard in the Alienware machine, which would probably make a significant difference to Lockon. Bottom line - don't worry about running lockon on a dual core machine - It works very well!
  11. Oh, and Dante - look foward to seeing you there as well. Sallute!! :icon_jook
  12. mmmm - don't think i am the same Mako... Though could be wrong!
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