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  1. Sorry,.. I think that I'm clear and fine when I'm posting. And I didn't violate any law of service... Maybe ESA_Mistral was a little bit more rude, yes,..., but ESA_cbHierro was all the time fine with his responses. Esa_Mirmidon and Abigor were fine with the responses in my opinion. And we are all (the 5) from the ESA squad, yes, but I always post like a member forum and never speaking in the name of my squad. is normalk when you see in a forum that a pilot of the squad a friend is treated like a thief, some of the member give their opinion. I want to say sorry to everybody who was bothered with my posts,..., but please don't mix the squad and the members..
  2. First i must say that I'm not a 3D expert. ESA_cbHierro is a pilot in our squad in Lomac so is my friend. Is very hard to say what you are saying FeedFish. You acuse directly to my friend to do something that i know that he'd never done. You must be so so so sure that you have the true in your hands. I'm so so sure that you haven't it. Why I'm saying that? Because I know the integrity of my friend. I know the previous works that he's made. Anyway, we try to contact with the Autor of De-Espona models via email to know if he wants to participate in this post to clarify that is not his model. No one knows better that he if it is or not (and i know that Jose María of DE-ESPONA INFOGRÁFICA, which is located in Spain too can't say that the model is a DE-ESPONA's model because I know that ESA_cbHierro has made it completly). So , please be carefull with your words. And sorry for my poor english and the tone of the message but i can't continue reading what you are saying FeedFish.
  3. I don't know what song is,... I try to ask to Ghost Leader the creator of the video. But he's now travelling so maybe i must wait for a response... :P
  4. ESA and Ghost Leader Producciones are prudly to present... :P A video-intro for our campaign 'El Ojo del Huracan' Is a new production of ESA_Ghost Leader our particular 'Spielberg' You can download the video or watching it in patricks aviation. Link ESA: http://videos.cruzdesanandres.com/OHTeaser.rar Mirror: http://ghost.casinuevos.net/videos/OHTeaser.rar Patrick's Aviation: http://www.patricksaviation.com/videos/GhostLeader/1063/ I hope you like it.... :P
  5. Escuadrón Cruz de San Andres (ESA) is proudly to present.... 'Homenaje a las Alas Históricas' - (A tribute to the Historic Wings) 'Vídeo promocional del ESA' - (ESA promotional video) One of our pilot, ESA_Ghost Leader alias 'ESA_Spielberg', has made two videos using Lockon. The first is made using also IL-2 and is a tribute to the old planes that make possible to flight now with the russian jets. The second is a promotional video of our squad There are the links: Homenaje a las Alas Históricas (mirror-2) Video promocional del ESA (mirror-2) We hope you like them... :P
  6. I use mp_log.txt (combiend with a lua script) to extract data and with that create a file than later the members of our squad can upload and an automatic system process and save it in a database (our squad's logbook). I've probed that mp_log.txt is opened when you open the game and closed when you close it. Is deleted and a blank mp_log.txt created and opened when you start the game again. (I've said you that in another post dodger42) All that I've made to take and process the data in mp_log is parsing the file (everytime a mission stops). In our case is possible that you fly 3, 4 or 5 missions without restart the game, so the data of this flights is there all in one file. What I do to solve it? There are two ways. Examining ./Temp/AsyncNet.log you can know how many sessions are stored in the mp_log.txt and subsequently try to get where start and where end each session. (for example a 00:00:00 time if a remember good in the log) The other way is the way that now we use in the script. The lua script examine the mp_log.txt everytime the session start (mission) and counts how many lines are writted. So at the end of the session the script exclude these number of lines and only process the new ones.... I don't know if it can help you, but i try to explain it the best i know in my bad english. And I repeat my experience. The data in the mp_log.txt start to be writted in the first event of the first mission and ends in the last of the last missions. Every data is accumulated in the file. :P
  7. Hi,.. The mp_log.txt is made always when you start lockon. The data for the misions (1 or 1000 misions) is stored there (landing time, crash, ejects, kills). When you close the file is in the directory with these data until you start again lockon. In this moment a new mp_log.txt is created and you lost the last data... :)
  8. That's.... But that's evident,.. :P was only a joke...
  9. Here you have the new MiG-29's training skin. :P That's based in the real one of course.. :P Try to have a 50... :P Only try to be a joke, sorry if someone feels offended.. :megalol:
  10. I heard that maybe we must wait more that one month more to have the BS, because a maleficent virus has attacked the BS project. The virus is known like 'the terrorific leg0-win32.scx' It has attacked concretly the 3D model of the BS. One of my russian friends gets and gives me this picture that probe it,.... :P Thanks to the autor of the model to give me the choice to do this silly post. http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/8176 :P
  11. It works,... Thank you very much Pat01... I've readen it in the new export.lua sample, but i didn't understand it. Because the other data worked, i thought that was a function problem. Like you can read my english is not so good,... :P So that's no a LOMAC BUG is MY BUG :P Thanks again Pat01 you make me happy.... :)
  12. Hi,... I made for our squad a utility to make an automatic log of some parameters of the flights we make. It uses export.lua script to export data from flights. Really it makes a file with some parameters and then the pilot send to our website this file and another script in php interprets it and update the logbook of the pilot putting the procesed data in the database. The problem (i don't know if that's a bug) started with 1.2 patch. Before with 1.1 it worked good. I explain the problem we have... All the lua functions work good but one (or two I don't know exactly) doesn't work. Concretly LoGetObjectById() now give NULL values when you ask for own flight. In the script i take, at the start of the mission, with this function the name of the flight (like MiG-29S (Me)(Pilot1) ) anf after i take from that the model of the plane. Also I take Lat, Long and alt. The same when the mission stop. But now it doesn't work. The export script is the same but now all this data have NULL values. I use this two lines. av = LoGetPlayerPlaneId() prop = LoGetObjectById(av) So i have the matrix prop to work with it (prop.Name, prop.LatLongAlt) I don't know really what of this two functions doesn't work good. LoGetPlayerPlaneId() returns a number like always but I don't know if this number is correct one because when I pass this to the LoGetObjectById() function all is NULL Anyone more note this problem? Anyone knows whats the matter with the function? I think that must be a bug, because i read the new export and somethings are changed (for example the now you can use LUA coroutines) but this two functions are the same than before. ??? Is really a bug? Must I change something? Please help me, i need this data to continue working with our automatic pilot logbook. If anyone use this functions too, now does it work with the 1.12, 1.12a? Help me please,.., i'm desesperate, i can't find a solution myself. Thank to all in advance.. ESA_PIRAO www.cruzdesanandres.com
  13. THANKSSSSSS!!!!!!! Like you say,..., must be an isnstalation problem. My view.lua after install the 1.12 was like you can see in my first post. So something goes wrong in the instalation. I have a copy of the old view.lua and i copy and paste the values. Now it works,.... :) I'm happy (and is inquietant to think what more can go bad in the instalation) :) Thanks too to you Ruggbutt,..., so clear...
  14. Yes, but it was in the 1.1,... Now like you can see in my first post, it is changed. Now there are the same values (a matrix with three data)that the values in server.lua, and a function that only use two data (is like the old) that can't work. And the matrixs have another name (without the ...View...) So,.... But thanks anyway Lixma 06, step by step i'm sure that we can solve my problem... :P
  15. Ok weta43,.., i've done it.... :) I make it again,.., and now i clarify that the values contained in server.lua ( CameraAngleLimits) set the limits of the view when you rotate the head. But the problem in 1.12 is still there. CameraViewAngleLimits , the value that correct my problem in 1.1 and 1.11 is not more there in the scripts (or i can't find it). So i suppose that now the value to control the range of the zoom is other or not exist. Anyway i appreciate all the info that you can provide me to fix the problem i have. Thanks....
  16. No responses,.. :( Anyway,... If you observe good the code i've posted before in the 1.12 the variables names are CameraAngleLimits, and later the function use CameraViewAngleLimits. In 1.11 the variable was CameraViewAngleLimits (the correct for the function) So I imagine that this piece of code in view.lua now in 1.12 is obsolete. I search more in the script to find the correct variables and i get it in server.lua Now it seems that the function and variables are correct,.... But,..... HOW CAN I CHANGE THE LIMITS OF THE ZOOM? I need it to have a correct zoom value when i have the x45 rotatory in the middle. Please DEVS give me the way to the knowledge... :P
  17. Hi,... I've seen that in 1.12 somethings changed in view.lua In the past (when i've instaled 1.1) i had problems with the zoom set to a rotatory in the X45. I solved it changing the CameraAngleLimits in view.cfg http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=9130 But now when i patch to 1.12 this parameters are changed NOW In the 1.11 and 1.1 You can note that now there are 3 parameters and not 2 And if you see the code,.., it seem that only catch and process 2 parameters ??????? I need to change the range (min-max) to regulate the middle position of the rotatory making that it be the same that the default view... ¿Can anyone explain a little how works now this parameters? Thanks in advance to all... ESA_PIRAO www.cruzdesanandres.com PD:Sorry me for my bad english,.., i try to explain myself but i don't know if i get it.
  18. I can't,... And I explain why,.... Is not really an application, is only the script export.lua and other script in our webpage in php. So, It's very personalizated and i think that is not usefull for other,... For example,..., the output file give a concret format to text so the php when parses it take the name like variables and the values. Really you can do what you want with the output file to later take the data and interprete it with the language you want. Of course i can explain something (i don't know too much) about export.lua and functions in it. Really i've never used before LUA, but is easy if you take some hours to learn it. :)
  19. Hi,.. I'm working in a log utility for my squad Cruz de San Andrés. The idea is to have an automatic logbook updatable via web... The export.lua generates an archive and the pilot upload it to the web. There a php script process all the data and put it in a database. So we can contabilize some parameters like fuel consummation, minutes flying, the payload, weapons used, if there is a complete flight (takeoff and land) the airports, damages, etc. I consider important to know too the weather during the mission but i can't export it (i don't know how to do). Anyone knows a way to export the weather conditions of the mission? Are there more hidden export functions than the given in the export.lua sample? :) bye and thanks
  20. Hi,... I try to explain in my bad english the problem i had with the zoom when i change to Flaming Cliffs and the solution that i get for that. First I must say that i have the zoom set to the rotatory switch 1 in the X45 throttle. When i changed to 1.1 the default view was so close in all the planes especially in the Su-25T. I tried the trick to change the default view in the 1.1 but the problem was still there because the zoom is in the rotatory. When i changed the default view it works,.., when i pressed the 'enter' in the numpad the zoom went to the settled angle, but instantly it changes to the position that i had in the rotatory. And of course,..., with the rotatory in middle, the view angle did'nt coincide with the settled view default angle,.. That was a big trouble for me. I tried and tried to change values but nothing worked.... Finally a light iluminate my mind,..., if the rotatory sends always his position to the sim, i only must change the value sended,... Elementally my dear Watson,... So,... How can we do it? If the rotatory goes from 0 to 100 (for example), and the view angle limit goes from 20 to 120,...if we change this limit we change the value in the middle of the rotatory... EUREKA!! it works,... :) I had a close close view, so i changed the minimal angle limit raising it and the view went more far. Try and fail, try and fail and finally i get the correct settings to have my favourite view angle with the rotatory in the middle. If you have the same problem, what can you do? First backup the file ...\Lock On\Config\View\view.lua Open it and find this block Change the value (max or min depending your needs) for the plane you want. Try until you get the value for your wanted view angle. I hope that this helps someone with the zoom and the rotatory of the X45 joy. :) ESA_PIRAO Escuadrón Cruz de San Andrés - http://www.cruzdesanandres.com
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