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  1. wow, great screens! < will check out your website :) there's a very modest airshow where i live on Thursday, for Battle of Britain Week.. but the last time I did formation flying, with the =RvE= Delta Wing, it was really good. sorry I've got no screens on this pc! =RvE=Cain
  2. mmmm nice pictures, yeah i love flying in these skins, it's a real privalage, and it's cool to say i'm friends with every member in RvE, being one myself, although somewhat inactive as my pc is a bit screwed :( Cain http://www.rve.solo-elite.com
  3. Hey folks, Appologies if this question has already been asked and answered already on this forum. My questions is: will I be able to install My English Verion CD of Flaming Cliffs onto a 2nd Computer (or, for that matter, any other computer)? Regards, =RvE=Cain http://www.rve.solo-elite.com
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