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  1. Yeah your thread has been high-jacked about 20 times.
  2. Have you tested your pseudocode so ED can copy & paste it? You said you recognize this as WIP then three words later you said it's and obvious overlook. All ED has done is create a base for what's to come later. There's loads of weather attributes that are not currently present, such as lightening, fog, wind effecting clouds, etc. Not to mention the bugs that were reported. This is just a base.
  3. Ever since this thread started, I've always wished people would tailor their expectations for this very reason.
  4. I really enjoyed this mission. It made me realize I need to learn bullseye calls and use the tgp better.
  5. I highly doubt it. ED rarely uses 3rd Party software. The only other software I can think of is Speed-Trees. Most of everything they implement is in-house developed.
  6. Anytime you have questions about settings/performance, it's always best to post your specs.
  7. All they need is a track file not a screenshot.
  8. I believe you'll have to wait until ED releases the template for the SC.
  9. It was never recommended by ED to be used since it was not fully functional.
  10. It's an almost 3 year reported issue. It seems to be a very very very low priority.
  11. I thought my mav shots were missing their targets until I started following them in the F7 view. Turns out the SA-19 of the Tunguska is shooting them down. Is this something new or a bug?
  12. Thanks for checking as I didn't have the time.
  13. Hotfix today for rain drops sound bug. Hopefully this is what it's referring to. Unfortunately, I don't have time to check it out right now.
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