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  1. I learned a lot about computers from this guy: NCIX Tech Tips You got to get used to his rather hyper way of presenting, but for sure you won't fall asleep like with many other reviewers. :smilewink:
  2. I think it wouldn't hurt to seriously start thinking about upgrading everything you have. In other words, get a new computer with win 7 ;) Till then, fly with everything on low.
  3. Waiting for your "how to" with details about your extension (bah, sounds dirty :D). I also prefer it to be plastic as it doesn't add too much weight.
  4. Collisions on would be fun, though will couse many unwanted crashes on the first (more serious) part of the flight. On such a huge flight, it is almost never lag free.
  5. Recorded live at VFAT 2010: VAT "Berkuts" display on VFAT 2010 live stream replay. In case you are unable to play the video, use one of the players posted below: VLC Player K-Lite Codec Pack Full
  6. You should come over and fly in a way you've never experienced :D
  7. Seen track Shadow for "Airshow Quality Control" VFAT, everything normal. Interesting is, when something is good, people think of cheats ;) I can not share VFAT ASQ track, but here is proof all can be done (see track). http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=49721&highlight=Frazer+Demo Посещение трек тени "Airshow Контроль качества" VFAT, все нормально. Интересные есть, когда что-то хорошо, люди думают о коды Я не могу разделить VFAT трек ASQ, но вот доказательство все может быть сделано (см. трек). http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=49721&highlight=Frazer+Demo
  8. Will try the oil to get rid of the stucktionessny :D
  9. Where in Holland do you live? I would love to come by and try yours.
  10. Sweet! Can you post a high res picture and explain how you extended it?
  11. Ok, well, I'm a bit tired of opening and closing my Warthog, so I will ask you again in one month if it is still smooth.
  12. hmmm, haven't tried engine oil yet, interesting, but does it last long? Will the engine oil stay where it needs to be?
  13. Extending the Warthog stick is a thing I will certainly try, when I have the time for it.
  14. I guess you are lucky having a copy that doesn't have this issue. Interesting is that many do have the so called "sticktion" and I don't think my copy is worse than others. Anyway, for many among the virtual pilots this sticktion is not really a problem, as they don't need extreme precision.
  15. Like I admitted in my previous post, the Warthog is a fine stick for the majority of the virtual pilots and I'm also not trying to convince people the X52Pro is a better stick than the Warthog. I believe there are quite a few "bad copies" of the X52Pro having button and centering issues. I never had those problems with the X52Pro though and so (if you have a good copy) for formation aerobatics, the X52Pro is probably the best choice at this moment (haven't tried the X65F yet, nor the CH Fighterstick or G940).
  16. Read the thread I posted above, and take it or leave it ;)
  17. TM Warthog is useless for real precision flying (formation aerobatics). http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=62564
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