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  1. yes: Ka-50/Config/graphics_bs (open with Notepad) Scroll fully down and look for "MaxFPS = 40;" (default is 0, meaning no limit)
  2. I'm wondering what you need that 24GB of RAM for? I would save some money on that as I think 75% of your 24GB of ram will never be used. And then, use that money to get a one or two 120 or 240 GB SSD's.
  3. Owww, very nice, that's also new to me. Thanks Bucic!!
  4. Very nice cockpit video of a Polish Mig-29! :)
  5. Enjoy 3D together with your girlfriend, without the stupid glasses! :D http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1304021/f986dfb0/3d_tv_zonder_bril.html
  6. I found myself not able to stop laughing at this one :megalol:
  7. Congratulations ED and thank you for tons of hours enjoyment! Up to another 20 years!!! :thumbup:
  8. Because Lockon (DCS series included) sound engine slows down and speeds up the engine sounds on start/shut down engine. In other words, can't do anything about that. Live with it ;)
  9. I'm in contact with the Paccus firm, designing hydraulic flightsim equipment. Will follow this thread and offer them the most interesting wishes/ideas. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=64741
  10. The difference precision wise? None! X52 Pro (with simple maintenance) gives you enough precision to fly the most demanding: The difference in feel? Huge The TM Warthog feels awesome and for that matter, adds a lot in realism. Is it worth to pay $$$ for a joystick? Up to you. (I compared the X52Pro with the Warthog because I have those sticks, before you buy anything, also check out the other brands)
  11. I have had contact with the Paccus company and they have told me the following.
  12. http://www.hardwareguru.com/article/paccus-fluid-head-force-feedback-hawk-joystick-interview/
  13. Ah, thanks (how could I have missed that?) :music_whistling:
  14. Where did you read that? Because I missed it, very good news indeed! :)
  15. Interview @ hardwareguru.com http://www.hardwareguru.com/article/paccus-fluid-head-force-feedback-hawk-joystick-interview/
  16. Exactly! If Paccus is smart, they make a very good hydraulic feedback base and then make different grips for different types of aircraft (with a USB stick-base connection for all types of button compatibility). Next to that, sell different lengths of extentions for cockpit builders. Then last but not least, work closely together with sim developers to ensure optimal compatibility and there you are, you have the ultimate simstick!
  17. It wasnt me :music_whistling: :D Thx for that info Joe Kurr :)
  18. I agree, this system would be perfect with the option to put different stick designs on it, something like Thrustmasters swapable sticks, but then with USB connectors. And then they would really finish it with optional extentions for cockpit builders. I think I will contact this firm to give some serious users advice. I think hydraulic feedback is the future for home simmers.
  19. The first joystick with hydraulic feedback created by the Dutch firm "Paccus". I tried it at the Flight Sim Weekend 2010. It felt lurky as I had to give the same force bringing it back to center as pulling it back. What a lame thing I thought.........but at the time I had no idea it was powered off and the force feedback wasn't active! Still in development at the moment, but hydraulic feedback is actually what I have been waiting for!: http://www.paccus.nl/ (too bad the stick doesn't look that good....) Interview @ hardwareguru.com: http://www.hardwareguru.com/article/paccus-fluid-head-force-feedback-hawk-joystick-interview/
  20. What we really need is multithread support in simulators, not more ghz (but for now 5ghz wouldn't hurt ofcourse ;)).
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