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  1. Thx for the feedback, i'm leaning towards the tripple screen setup. Also because I never have enough space on my desktop, while the rest of my table is empty :D
  2. Thanks for your feedback Walker! What inches are your screens?
  3. What would you go for? Note: I want to go for 3D, or at least have the option to do so. 1 large screen (+/- 40 inch with zoomed out cockpit) Pros - 3D is in general better on a large screen - cockpit is more lifelike size - not a high fps hit - better to watch TV on (I do also, but doesn't have very high importance) Cons - can't see as much as with 3 screens - resolution is lower, less sharp image ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 small screens (+/- 23 inch with normal zoom cockpit) Pros - much wider view that gives more immersion - overall higher resolution, sharper image - good for photoshop work Cons - Bezels between screens (might be annoying and not work very well in 3D?) - Bigger fps (cpu) hit as you have much more view (object count goes up x3)
  4. I also have the G930. Pros: - Wireless - Fits great on the head/around the ears - Good build quality - 7.1 surround Cons: - Doesn't make use of a soundcard (it has it's own & connects through USB). If you have a quality soundcard in your computer, buy a different headset that uses it. - Can't go very loud, cracking will occur (though it can go loud enough) - When no sound has been played for around 5 minutes or so, the headset goes off automatically without warning, a bit too fast to my liking. - Price (i'm not sure the price is really worth it). Overall it is a nice headset and I'm a happy owner :)
  5. In case we (most likely) receive a patch for DCS BS to be compatible with DCS A10, I will certainly keep two copies of DCS BS. One that is still compatible with FC2, and one compatible with DCS A10. Still though, I just hope ED will not "split" the community and make a compatibility patch for FC2 aswell. My offer would be to keep FC2 compatible with new DCS series and just remove the FC2 aircraft (in this case A10) covered by the DCS module. FC2 jets may not have the ultra realism of the DCS series, though still good enough to create a fair and immersive multiplayer combat environment.
  6. Search on the web for your exact CPU and if possible, with your mobo. Youtube, tweakers websites, there is enough to find. You will learn from it gradually which is better then someone telling you do this and that. To give you a kickoff: Cupid, COUID and Prime95 are the programs you will want to use for monitoring/stressing. Good luck :)
  7. Nope, you can't hide the control stick and there has never been an option to do that. What you probably remembered was the show/hide pilot option. In case you don't have track ir, get one because with it it's easy to look behind the stick.
  8. Had a good laugh about this, but it also points out that ED still didn't manage to make track recording as solid as it used to be in Lockon / FC1 ....... too bad :(
  9. I experienced the same. And I got cockpit res at 256! :(
  10. Frazer


    If all is modeled right, you should be able to do all this. But ofcourse, this demo is flown with clean wings, and very likely without full fuel load.
  11. LaCie "Golden Disk" 1TB..... (not so gold after all)
  12. Here is the story.... A few weeks ago I bought a new computer and yes, with two 2TB HDD in RAID 1, because I know man should have a backup. I thought, as soon as I have my computer I would copy the 900GB from my 2 year old external hard drive and be safe. Guess what happend........2 days before I received my new computer I accidently switched off the power (not by the button) of my external HDD and the disk became useless. It was impossible to access the drive through windows or any other OS. ---Only after you lose it you realize how important your files are--- So, I send my disk to a data recovery service and after the diagnose they told me there was a bad sector on the disk and almost all of my data can be recovered. Great! You think? Diagnose: 98,- New HDD: 149,- Data recovery: 730,41 --------------------------- Total: € 977,41 :huh: Now figure....how many 1TB disks can you get for that amount of money? They say it often......back up, back up....... Seriously, if you don't, GET A BACKUP DISK NOW!!!
  13. Yea I guess, I'm quite sure it wasn't me :D
  14. Don't know if this has been reported yet, but this is what happened when I fully zoomed out in F11 view.
  15. Interesting reads here in this thread. I'm thinking of gettings a 3 screen setup with 3D. Now, I still have one question for you guys about the FPS. ED products run on low and jumpy FPS (going from 20 to 60+ is not rare). Now, what exactly happens when you run like 20 fps for a moment? Does that mean that you really halfen the fps to 10? Or does the brain still counts 10 on the left and 10 on the right eye as 20 in total? Curious about your experiences :)
  16. Don't go by the looks mate, TM is making awesome looking sticks but the inside is CRAP (excuse me for my direct personal opinion). If you read a little bit better further up this thread you can read that they will develop modules in the future, ground and desk based modules on which you can put different types of grips that go together with an USB connection, so any 3rd party can make grips with any type of button, switch, pov, minimouse and so on aswell. I must agree with the bad looks of the stick at this moment, but the system and the whole idea this company is having is the future and far ahead of any other consumer based "joystick" manufacturer.
  17. Well, first I have to learn how not to end up spinning in to the ground :D :pilotfly:
  18. Now that I have a new rig powerful enough for Rise of Flight, I must say.....it is a MUST HAVE for every serious flight simmer! :thumbup: :joystick:
  19. Looks like there is no link in your post? Please post a link to your website/forum and movies/screenshots :)
  20. Found on: http://www.virtualthunderbirds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=30071#30071 Very nice Thunderbirds movie :)
  21. Here you can find a very nice video of the Russian Swifts (Strizhi) aerobatic team, flying a 6 ship formation. http://admin.strizhi.info/2010/10/01/1193
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