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  1. Tracks, screenshots and movies (if there will be any) will be provided in this thread :smilewink:
  2. NOTE: We will NOT host through Hyperlobby. Connect via LockOn ingame network.
  3. The Show In preparation of the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams and as an official announcement of our new Virtual Aerobatic Team, we would like to present the VAT “Berkuts” with a live display. The show will take place on Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of July. Everyone is welcome to our server and watch! (LockOn FC 1.12 Required) We plan to do two displays each day with a capacity of 30 spectators for every show. This is only a limited amount with the obvious reason to reduce the chances of server instabilities. If you miss a seat there is no need to worry, we will do a total of 4 displays during the weekend and we will provide tracks afterwards. During the show, there will be a camera helicopter airborne. You could use this helicopter to make interesting views. Go to this helicopter with the F2 key and you will be able to easily switch between aircraft with F5. You can zoom in and out using the CTR+/ and CTR+* keys and change position with the up-down-left-right arrows on the numpad. To make the ultimate "Berkuts" experience, also download our Berkuts Skin! Airshow Importance: - It is strictly forbidden to leave and/or join the mission during the show! This will couse lag and could ruin our airshow. - It is not allowed to use chat as long as the wheels are off the ground. - Its strictly forbidden to take screenshots or run fraps during the show. If you want to take screenshots or run fraps, track the flight with pressing CTR+R instead of pressing FLY so that you can do this after the show. Our server track will also be provided after the show. - Leave and join our Ventrilo only when neccecarily. VAT “Berkuts” Server and Ventrilo2.3.0 For spectators it is required to join our Ventrilo first. The server password will be provided through our Ventrilo. To increase capabilities, the VAT “Berkuts” DO NOT USE Ventrilo 3.0.1 but Ventrilo 2.3.0! If you have the newest Ventrilo3.0.1, there is no need to uninstall because you can easily run both copies next to each other. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ventrilo 3.0.1 with 2.3.0 inserted - Install Ventrilo 3.0.1 (download) - Place Ventrilo2.3.0.exe in the Ventrilo3.0.1 folder (Ventrilo2.3.0.rar) Now you can launch both versions of Ventrilo. Create shortcuts on your desktop or start menu for easy switching. If the first variant is not working for you, try this: Ventrilo 3.0.1 & 2.3.0 installed both - Install Ventrilo 3.0.1 (download) - Rename Ventrilo 3.0.1 folder to whatever. - Uninstall Ventrilo 3.0.1. - Install 2.3.0 (download) Now you can launch both versions of Ventrilo. Create shortcuts on your desktop or start menu for easy switching. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- VAT “Berkuts” Ventrilo: Ventrilo Address: ventrilo.berkuts.ru Port: 3784 Ventrilo Password: No password VAT “Berkuts” Server: Server Location: Moscow Server Address: server.berkuts.ru Port: 10308 Server Password: No Password Satruday 5th of July: Display one ~19:00 GMT Display two ~21:00 GMT Sunday 6th of July: Display one ~17:00 GMT Display two ~19:00 GMT Mind the summer time! Use this (TimeZoneConverter) to calculate your time. We hope you will enjoy the show! For more information check out the (VAT “Berkuts” forum)
  4. Go Russia!!! May luck be on the side in second half!
  5. Frazer

    Euro 2008

    Russia has stolen the gameplay of what we have seen in the past 3 matches of the Netherlands......nevertheless, Russia simply played the best :thumbup:
  6. Russia, congratulations!!! Excellent football, amazing! :thumbup: :cry:
  7. And, do you speak Japanese? :doh::smilewink:
  8. In order to be able to contact the Aerobatic Team "Katana" for VFAT & LockOn Aerobatic Teams list, I need someone who speaks/understands Japanese!
  9. Frazer

    Euro 2008

  10. Great movie! Really brings good memories of a wonderful VFAT 2007! Great intro and very well chosen music, though, since this movie is LIVE TIME it is a very LONG movie (36min). Next to that, some cockpit views would have been nice ;) Nevertheless, worth the download! Thanks for posting :)
  11. Хорошо для того чтобы быть голландско! :music_whistling: :D
  12. I would like to welcome the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali! Flying the MB339 in FS9 for several years, the team decided to switch to LockOn in 2007. Feel free to visit their forum Note: Website still under construction (16-06-2008 ) Best wishes for the team handling the new platform and ofcourse I hope to see the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali at VFAT 2008!
  13. FireFly Copy and paste other peoples work This gives the standard of your way of thinking Your unexperience shows YOU choose the easy way But you forget, there is no easy way Commanding a successful aerobatic team BR=11=Frazer VAT "Berkuts" Main Instructor VFAT Organization Team
  14. Frazer

    Euro 2008

    BOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!! <<<<<IT INDEED FEELS GOOD TO BE DUTCH! :D :music_whistling:
  15. Can we please stop this thread, it scares the hell out of me everytime this old thread comes up on top again! :mad:
  16. I use the exact same curves for everything though :music_whistling: (leading/wing/solo/combat) For the Su-25 the only thing I would do is to move the pitch curves from 25% to 15%....
  17. Very nice flying, great skill level! :thumbup: Some very good angles of view and the music is wonderful :) Keep it up guys! :pilotfly: Looking foward to see you on VFAT!
  18. WE ARE THE BEST having a great community :thumbup:
  19. I'm getting more and more glad I didn't became a fighter pilot :D This is no joy :helpsmilie:
  20. Don't try this at home! :joystick: Flying 1020km/h, in knife edge, between the tail of the leader, few meters above sea......and.....take a screenshot at the same time :music_whistling: Don't mind the graphics, this was in the old days :smilewink:
  21. This is what happens when you overload the aircraft :P btw, this happened with my old computer, couldn't take that much as my new one ;)
  22. Class pilot! Though wondering why he didn't land where the soldiers were, looked like it wouldn't be that dangerous there.
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