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  1. You can always have two copies of BS, one with 1.0.2 patch and one with 1.0.3. The only thing you need to do for that is to copy the full game (1.0.2) in to another directory and copy the shortcuts (and reassign the target of that shortcut). Then, install 1.0.3 and you will have two versions of the sim with their own shortcuts.
  2. A team mate of me found these clips, very interesting! Ug6W7_tafnc&feature=related dBS1NRsYuF8
  3. Nice! Certainly gonna watch that today :) I posted it on virtual-airshows.com aswell: http://forum.virtual-airshows.com/index.php/topic,1050.0.html
  4. VO101_MMaister, you might want to take a look @ TARMAC ACES as they sell Bf109 grips. As for the mechanizm, building your own is probably best. Your design looks promising. :) Keep it up!
  5. Your reply made it look that way to me but if it's not, good :)
  6. Like I said, thanks for sharing your tip, it's what is making the community a worthy one! You have to accept though that some things work different on other computers which is also worthy to share. Don't be offended by it mate and no-one asks you to leave it ;)
  7. Thanks for sharing your tip jpm, but I think this setting has more to do with what computer you are at (how many cores you have) and how many background apps you have running. I have a six core and it (obviously) doesn't increase performance as there are plenty of cores left to run other apps. Anyway, it is a worthy thing to try if your computer is a single or dual core. :thumbup:
  8. Good read about joystick responses by the highly respected An.Petrovich. http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=2564&hilit=response+curves
  9. I guess the pilot wasn't looking backwards during this maneuver, what pilot likes to clean all that and the terrible smell for the rest of the flight? No-one I think. Anyway, it's not very tasty but I was LMAO when I saw this video :D
  10. Please welcome: Virtual Baltic Bees Jet Team NEW Forum Video Country: Czech republic
  11. Please welcome: Virtual Baltic Bees Jet Team NEW Forum Video Country: Czech republic
  12. ROFL! Reminds me of my dog jumping up out of his sleep, looking at his pillow......wtf was that? :megalol:
  13. With one DCS (fighter) you make only one or two aerobatic teams happy. That was my point.
  14. You didn't quite understand my point and the needs of the aerobatic community.
  15. Besides the combat community, we also have a very dedicated and in many ways a special group of pilots named as "the formation aerobatic community". No other simulator than the Lockon (FC) series have such a relative large group of people putting this type of flying in to practise. And with no other simulator there is such an aerobatic event as the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams, attracting over 10000 spectators every year. And, let's not forget the close contacts between virtual aerobatic teams and their real life counter parts, some virtual teams even test maneuvers for the real ones. I think ED can be very proud on that, and I think it would be too bad if ED stops upgrading FC and by that also this community. I'm not saying that this community doesn't support the DCS series with the advanced flight models, but we can't all fly the A10 this year and the (lets say) F15 next year right? With FC only this community already has some shortage of aircraft types. I'm keeping my hopes up to another upgrade to the FC2 engine, because FC2 is everything but dead!
  16. Changing "far_clip" from 14000 to something like 75000 reduces the vertical line glitches also, but you will still see the cloud shadows. Lowering far_clip also introduces some more haze and less visibility, which is much more realistic than the crazy far visibility range you get with 14000 (extremely rare in reality). By lowering far_clip you also win a few fps. I still use the DCS No Cloud Shadows Mod though for FC2 and BS, as cloud shadows don't affect all ground objects in the right way (something that also has been fixed in DCS A10). My 2cents :smilewink:
  17. Will use Track IR anyway, with one large or 3 smaller screens, doesn't matter ;)
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