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  1. We are happy to present the new Official VFAT Promo movie. Make sure you watch this FULL SCREEN (HD) and use your sound system :) Quick watch Download the video here
  2. We are happy to present the new Official VFAT Promo movie. Make sure you watch this FULL SCREEN (HD) and use your sound system :) Quick watch Download the video here
  3. Strugling with the time I have but it is a great pleasure to do :) And I'm nothing without the rest of the VFAT Staff and support ofcourse :thumbup:
  4. The X52 Pro over the X52 are basicly some fixed bugs and better durability. Certainly worth the few extra bucks though.
  5. I plan to be there :) MAKS 2007 was an awesome experience!
  6. Black Shark Demo at the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams 2008. "Lets see what you can do with this baby" :D
  7. The VFAT Staff would like to invite the DCS community to the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams 2008. The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams or VFAT is a big international airshow like RIAT or MAKS, flown using the LockOn flight simulator. The pilots mostly simulate the displays of real aerobatic teams like the Patrouille Suisse, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Russian Knights and Blue Impulse, however, many teams also create their own spectacular displays instead of simulating real life counterparts. VFAT is currently the only virtual airshow where such a large group of performers gather to create an event of this size and since 2007, spectators can watch the event live using internet streaming technology. Our sponsor « Interoute » allows us to provide this internet streaming technology necessary to show VFAT demonstrations LIVE on the internet. VFAT takes place once a year and offers the opportunity for virtual aerobatic teams and solo pilots to present their hard work for the enjoyment to the general public! VFAT 2008 Dates: Rehearsal Weekend - December 05/06/07 VFAT Weekend - December 12/13/14 Check VFAT 2008 Performers We would like to welcome you to join the VFAT LIVE Stream during these days! To find out more about VFAT, the pilots, organizors and the history of VFAT, stop by on our website and forum. Best regards, VFAT Staff VFAT 2008 Promo
  8. Very nice movie and well flown! :thumbup: And I love the quality of this movie!
  9. Nice work Mizzy! Maybe you could also work on the altitudes of clouds? They are very unreal in lockon. Even if you set cloud base to 300m they will appear at around 2000 or higher. Typical cumulus clouds on a sunny day in the real world though, will start around 300 meters in the morning and reach around 1500m in the afternoon. So, the rize of the clouds is not very important but, if the cloud base could at least be set between 300meter and 1500 meter it would be great!. A lower cloud base will also give you a better sensation of speed, which you miss in lockon.
  10. A simple note here for HOTAS owners to make your throttle (collective) work in a realistic way; as we all know you must pull the collective up to go up. Swap your HOTAS Z-axis so that you must pull to increase collective instead of the basic setup, where you must push the throttle forward to increase your collective. (In case you are not the owner of something like this ofcourse ;): http://www.leftside-limited.com/)
  11. It would be good to go through all the Black Shark Note's And learn about the Ka-50. Other than that you can't really do, maybe try the helo's in FS but I doubt it will fly very similar.
  12. Yea the weather is fine :) By the way, for the big screen stream go this link: http://www.esrevni.com/an2008/stream/CS3sampleLive.swf
  13. Yea heared that :( Full overcast....but the cloud base seems to be around 3000ft so we might still get something :)
  14. Nice :) I'm gonna watch it again today, should start in about 20 mins :)
  15. The Thunderbirds were great :) Don't miss it tomorrow!
  16. Aviation Nation 2008 8-9 November LIVESTREAM http://www.esrevni.com/testPages/avnat/stream/
  17. Please upload it to the Virtual JaBoG32 website aswell. Thanks!
  18. On the roll Falcon is very sensitive (real I would say) On the pull, Lockon is much much more direct. It doesn't seem like that, but when you fly formations in Falcon you will notice that it takes around 1 second! before you can notice the effect of your elevation inputs. About the weird feel you have with LockOn the answer is simple. The F16 of falcon has fly by wire and the planes in lockon haven't. I would say, get used to it, most aircraft in the world fly like that. :P So, Falcon is very realistic if you are in free flight and together with the realistic instruments a very good sim. But if it comes down to formation flight, Falcon is far from realistic. One of the reasons LockOn is thé sim for aerobatic pilots.
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