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  1. Thats a very nice first post, welcome! Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your TrackIR!! PS: Don't forget your family, once you tried trackir you will be hooked :D
  2. What I use is the Saitek X52Pro + Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals + TrackIR4 Pro. This is a great setup and all you will ever need. Also the best price-quality balance.
  3. AdamJB is right, without full fuel and weapons load the Ka-50 is more maneuverable. And you can do the exact thing like the example movie. Here is a demonstration with a standard startup and 20% of fuel in DCS: Link: Movie Link: Track Note: make sure you don't fly too fast if you make the 90 degree nose turn. 100km/h is about the max the Ka-50 can fly sideways.
  4. But at least you can impress the missiles :D
  5. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=RGu45s1_QPU&NR=1 These rotors seem to be unbreakable :D
  6. Gimme that BO :joystick: :D DCS?? Pleeaaasssseeeee :)
  7. If our Blackshark had negative collective, we would be able to fly up side down aswell :D
  8. That would be great! We keep in touch :)
  9. The universe is so big that there is virtually no chance that life, other than can be found on earth, doesn't exists. It is not a question if they exists, the question is who or what is visiting us. I hope to see some footage of the creatures themselves in my life. And I also hope that humans will not screwup by being agressive. Thanks for this post, it was very interesting to see :)
  10. Thats an impressive setup you got there!! Jealous :D
  11. Really cool, thanks! The light show was awesome! :thumbup: Merry Xmas!
  12. Good old SVK_Fox, long time no see buddy!
  13. I got the same, so I suppose it is something normal...what you could do is to lift the nose a bit and then rudder it back, or simply hover taxi :D Edit: Nevermind on that one, Frederf got you the answer there ;)
  14. hmm, if that doesn't work for you then I guess you have to wait untill the movie is on youtube.
  15. Try to watch it on virtual-airshows under Video replays Note: the Blackshark demo is under the name "Flanker Demo by Frazer" on saturday :doh: Just ignore that, it will be fixed soon ;) About youtube....the video is too long. I will cut some of the startup out and upload it when i have some time.
  16. Nice flying! The spotlight is a cool idea :) Keep it up^^
  17. I actually drank one beer about 30 mins before the show, good for the nerves :D
  18. Looks like the rotors hit eachother and so most likely it would be.....OVERSPEED :D Maybe you made a sudden move with your stick? Up, down and mostly right (look at the blades at high speed) and especially a combination of those, could make the rotors hit eachother easily at higher speeds.
  19. Its all done with the standard startup procedure (really didn't have time to learn all that lol).
  20. Live Stream Video Download Link More replays @ virtual-airshows
  21. I will! Still have your phone number :) Maybe also a trip to St Petersburg?
  22. Not something you can compare with but ok, Mr Sheik rocks ofcourse :D
  23. True, About BS, I flew military heli simulators at MAKS 2007, no difference at all.
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