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  1. Gosh....your wife wasn't in the mood last night?
  2. Great!!! :thumbup: Can't wait to see you live @ VFAT!
  3. For the Virtual Aerobatic Community it would be good to fix the "see through" of aircraft when zoomed in with the camera. That should also fix the clipping of the canopy and afterburner. Thanks!
  4. You just need to pull the wires up a bit when fitting the ball back on again. Just be careful and don't push it too hard when you feel resistance.
  5. I use the X52Pro + Saitek Ruder pedals with default (linear) curves and as you can see in the link below, without any issues. The only thing I do is that I oil the metal ring once a half year. :joystick: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=49721
  6. This is what I use for formation flying and general use: Pitch: Roll: Rudder:
  7. Great! My stick is still in the closet, so I will try this when I have some time. I would really love to fly with the stick if it does what it supposed to be doing, being super smooth and precise! ;)
  8. This might help: Ka-50\Config\Producer.cfg (open with notepad (notepad++ prefered)) Change true to false ForceFeedbackEnabled = false; I never had a FFB stick so i'm not sure this really works, but worth to try out.
  9. Promotional video of the Virtual Aerobatic Team "Berkuts" 2011. Movie created by BR=22=Sawamura. Download HD: Right Click Save Watch HD on Youtube:
  10. I have like 200+ flights in a glider and I flew the Yak-52 once two years back. This was the first time in a full aerobatic aircraft (roll rate is AMAZING! :D) The stick is also very light (like in a glider), I like that a lot. If I only would win the lotery.....you can imagine what I would do with the money ;)
  11. There is some more video material (Rene aka Sawamura has them), so...more to come :smilewink:
  12. My first Yak-54 flight when I visited Moscow/MAKS. :) Part 1: Instructor flew an example maneuver, I copied Part 2: Instructor goes full aerobatic and I sit back and enjoy
  13. I remember my ex (for obvious reasons) had a hard time leaving me alone during VFAT. Finally she did and guess what.....started downloading movies during my live demonstration.....omg I was so furious :D LMAO at some of the comments in this thread....good luck everyone! :pilotfly:
  14. Really hope to see the T-50 @ MAKS!
  15. Didn't look the track but maybe you need to setup some deadzones in Lockon on your x-axis?
  16. Frazer

    Aerobatic Teams

    LockOn Aerobatic Teams
  17. I have my HOTAS at the same hight as my chair armrests. I used two chairs with (empty :D) beer crates on them and a wooden plate over them to get the right hight. Besides that I use skate elbow pads to protect my elbows (flying without the elbow pads kill my elbows!) and this also helps my elbow slide over the chair when pulling/pushing. I've never had any cramps or what you guys subscribe above with this simple setup. I'm not flying the heaviest stick (with a heavy stick a center position between the legs is probably best). Here a video:
  18. Must be terrible to open a beer without being allowed to drink it! :D Nice video, great skills!
  19. Great idea! The "blindness" is the overexposure of the camera by the sudden brightness of the blast. Indeed a cool effect to put in!
  20. Nope, you copy the activated version. You can have as many copies on your hard drive as you want. This way you can also prevent using up your activation keys. After a fresh install, make a copy. After setting up everything, make a copy again. Then if things got screwed up with your install, you can always use the backup copies you made. The only time you will need to use one of your activation keys is when you format your pc. (when making a copy, don't forget to copy the shortcuts as well and change the target directory to the new location (right click on icon, properties))
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