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  1. If you're interested, some "real" pit recording back in 2010: (There is a rudder under the table you hear click clack :):joystick:)
  2. Pretty much said before but an easy to remember but very important rule for learning "that secret" is: Pitch = Speed Collective = Decent rate Aim for that landing spot with the collective and control your speed by pitch. Of course they affect each other but for learning it is important to distinguish these controls. :joystick:
  3. Very sad news....Rest in Peace Jim, you will be remembered.
  4. VAT "Berkuts" 5th Anniversary The Virtual Aerobatic Team "Berkuts" today is pleased to announce 5 years of group existence! Since the VAT "Berkuts" was founded on the 22th of January 2008, our group has been growing in number and experience. We started the group with the goal to create original free-style performances including high precision flying and we can proudly say we achieved these goals! Our group has also been growing steadily going from a 5 ship demonstration back in 2008, to a 9 ship performance in 2012. We would like to greatly thank our family, friends and fans for supporting and encouraging the Virtual Aerobatic Group "Berkuts" and we will continue to get the best out of free-style virtual aerobatics in the future! Please feel welcome to like and follow us on our freshly setup facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/VATBerkuts Click here to download the 120x80cm high resolution poster. Click here to download the 170x55cm high resolution poster.
  5. It is possible to get that sound you are looking for though right now there are too few sounds to do that in a right way. Beside that you really only can get this.....or that....not both. So, I made (and still work on every now and then) a Su-27 soundmod aimed at aerobatic displays and live streaming only. It uses sounds that other aircraft will also use and by that it is not really a suitable soundmod for the whole of lockon (combat flying). I will add it to this post, though I will not support any requests because I don't have enough time to do other aircraft. Replacing and editing sounds really is easy, though finding the right samples takes ages. Su27sounds.rar
  6. yea that was quite sickening, for that matter, very well done :D
  7. I guess you can also post your own videos in this thread? :joystick: After all, it is in-cockpit, real, and I did post it! :D Flying the Yak54 during my holiday in Russia. In this first part of the flight the instructor was showing how to fly maneuvers which I copied after. (note: first 3 min are takeoff & climb) In this second part of the flight the instructor went full aerobatic and I just sit back and enjoyed :)
  8. Ah owell, for the ones who missed it then ;)
  9. Saint Barths Airshow 2011 - Cockpit Cameras - Texas Flying Legends Museum
  10. Well, you don't see this very often... Google translate: Russian Knights returned home with the air show in Bahrain over the territory of Iran. One of the Knights - Sergei Shcheglov - sent me a photo flight over the country, where they were accompanied by Iranian fighter jets: In turn, want to share emotions about the flight over the territory of Iran. Photos made ​​Erofeev, I flew on an airplane 04. Go ahead all turned out to be the first pair of "Phantoms", were such that at the time of the group to take. And of course, was peerless armed "to the teeth," "Tomket." Under the cut I posted some of these unique photos and photos taken from the cockpit aft hand IL-76 ... http://sergeydolya.livejournal.com/423952.html January 29th 2012
  11. With the only difference that the pilot would be dead there ;)
  12. With the only difference that the pilot would be dead there :doh:
  13. I came across this footage of the same crash:
  14. Amazing shots of this very unfortunate event :shocking: Good the pilot survived!
  15. You guys made the Virtual Aerobatic Community proud :thumbup: (But next time, take me with you? :D)
  16. I vote for the Harrier! - It is a very interesting aircraft with unique possibilities. - It is an older aircraft without too many secrets (should be no big problem for ED to simulate) - Still can be useful for millitaries to have a good harrier simulation. - Guess what kind of interesting A2A combat you can get with the Harrier. :D
  17. A massive mess, excellent! :D Also make sure you check out Shock Potty, another highlight of the event!
  18. For next time you are going to an airshow, respect the potties!
  19. Author=Robin Hood Very nice, Ells ! Cool VFAT spirit :P Oh, sorry, by the way, but I couldn't help having a little fun with it ;)
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