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  1. "The biologist" improvised live country song 1:05:37 bonuses https://youtu.be/Okyr8XzhjzE?t=3198 https://youtu.be/Okyr8XzhjzE?t=3544 https://youtu.be/Okyr8XzhjzE?t=3575
  2. Jan Vercauteren - In Space - [Voight-Kampff-VA002​.​2] - YouTube — DDR & The Geezer as well as Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss spring to mind :)
  3. Alice Fredenham - How come you don't call BTW, the thumbnail reminded me of :) https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=hedi+lamar+corel&iax=images&ia=images EDIT Apparatus Tube Synthesizer (Live) - YouTube —
  4. Yes, but, IIRC, it resets camera rotation to leveled, retaining just the camera heading. For the command please refer to the key commands list in the game docs. It involved numpad 2 and RCtrl IIRC.
  5. DCS has a brilliant snap views feature which are programmable while gaming and can be backed up. Please try to find the official doc on key strokes/views. It used to be in a *.doc format for some reason. Or *.rtf. Guys? Could you assist? :)
  6. I'm sure it's not gone. Just wanted to make sure you're not expecting such a recording session to be recorded into a single track. I.e. there's no 'recording pause/resume' in DCS.
  7. 1 Vs 4 is single target Vs group of targets. How is a group defined is a question to Devs. I can't imagine it's going to be often that you need a distinction in practice. 3,4 works like 1,4 but you narrow the targets to a certain type. Is there anything else?
  8. Some obscure blast from the 90s! :D Hea wears an Oculus prototype apparently ;) Herbie - Right Type Of Mood - YouTube — Herbie - Pick It Up CD Remaster - YouTube — [YOUTUBE]9cmVk1hEm[/YOUTUBE]-4 Max-A-Million - Fat Boy (Official Music Video) - YouTube — The Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom (Official Music Video) - YouTube — The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode HD - YouTube — Gillette - Short Short Man (Official Video) - YouTube — Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time (Official Video) - YouTube — Kris Kross
  9. You should really consider mapping laser and basic Shkval controls to your joystick buttons. Try finding my X52 profile. Even if you have a different joystick it contains quasi-statistically most used controls that need quick and frequent access.
  10. Tessa! That scene with this track blew my mind, even as a acidtechnohead :) I even uploaded the scenes to YouTube to have them handy to showaround!
  11. Re #2421 Watch "Buzu Squat - Nasze Przebudzenie" on YouTube - Try enabling closed captions. The main motive is loving nature instead of destroying it mindlessly.
  12. A bit of necromancy I hope mods won't mind as it's the only thread on the forums dedicated to positional audio. So... What's been cooking? This may not be news to some, but Steam is actually making some progress towards getting us the 90's technology back. HRTF Demo - Steam Audio - YouTube — And a sad reminder - many games... don't even get flat stereo right :shocking: That includes DCS No headphone-dedicated mixing mode - ED Forums
  13. I'm a technohead but this goes right to my exploratory rock playlist :thumbup: EDIT: a Chip-tune 8-bit masterpiece Commodore 64 - Grand Prix Circuit (1988) - YouTube — Creatures / C64 Intro - YouTube —
  14. If Jean Michell Jarre picked up Acid Techno :) Jay Lumen - The One (Original Mix) - YouTube —
  15. Prague's Kafka International Named Most Alienating Airport - YouTube —
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