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  1. The 'Red/Blue dots' you're referring to are called 'Labels' - they're usually accompanied with descriptor text of the a/c or object type. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about spotting a/c visually at a distance - they appear like small black dots (Never to be confused with Labels). And yes, having 'Labels' on is unfair!
  2. I am flying 2D Deano. I am sorry but this is the first that I have heard about an 'FOV setting'. What does it do? And how do I set it?
  3. It's not about the un-obstructed view Deano. It's about not easily spotting the bandits (the black dots) when trying to look for them visually. Blaze and I spot these black dots better out of other DCS a/c with obstructed views. Perhaps a graphics rendering glitch with the F16 module - not outlandish considering the current state-of-affairs; in fact quite plausible?
  4. Is it just me or is it harder to visually spot bandits in the F16? I have found this to be the case only with the F16 on multiple occasions when switching between F16, F18 & J11 during squadron trainings. I somehow visually spot bandits (the black dots) out of the Flanker and F18 cockpits much better and easier. Anyone else also noticed this?
  5. ACM modes on the Viper are a joke! They require more than fixing... perhaps actual development?
  6. The other way around works Blade. Notice the the 'RDR CURSOR switch - X axis' and 'RDR CURSOR switch - Y axis' right on top of the list in the screengrab I posted? Those are for using the annoying Warthog TDC mouse at the back. What I am annoyed about, is exactly what you mentioned, why are the 'mouse' options specifically there when they don't seem to work! And this is not just in the F16. This is also the same in the F18!
  7. I am sorry to hear that but the TWCS is the worst throttle ever! Regret buying it. Within months, the rudder axis (rz axis i think) went bad and started going crazy. Didn't expect such poor quality from TM honestly!
  8. No input anyone? Not even from the ED team?
  9. Gentlemen, The highlighted parts of the screengrab below attempt to explain my frustration.:mad: It just doesn't work!!! Can someone please help? I wish to use my PC mouse to slew the FCR TDC. Thanks in advance!
  10. Am afraid I don't have a dedicated space available to "mount" or "bolt" down the throttle and the stick. I have tried adjusting the friction but it's not through a left/right roller wheel in the TWCS. You're talking about the Warthog.
  11. Hey there, I tried this out = sticking a velcro tape on the inside side walls. Unfortunately, the weight of the throttle doesn't allow for a proper implementation of the detent. Since the throttle is extremely light weight, the whole unit tends to jump/lift on the application of slightly extra force to get to the afterburner stage.
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