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  1. I updated the Pitool through the software to the latest version and now I can't run Steam VR without having the Pitool running. Is this normal? I have never had to have it running before.
  2. I am wondering if it's my settins or a general problem. I am using a Pimax and I lose sight of planes because the sky or water is so dark. I can be looking directly at them and they disappear. I'd rather not spend time tweaking if it is a known issue.
  3. Nascar


    This looks preety good if you can get good HOTAS mounts and add a G-belt. https://simxperience.com/en-us/products/accessories/g-beltactivebelttensioners.aspx
  4. Thanks, I'm using a Pimax though. It's weird my Jetseat isn't working either.
  5. Did a setting change with the latest patch? When I lean in VR the whole cockpit moves. I don't get closer to where i'm leaning. Is it my set up or a known bug or a new setting?
  6. Server down? I couldn't find the server. Storm of War only has the -30 model. No rockets for me.
  7. Has a date for the rocket implementation on the P-47 been announced?
  8. Fun server. Tons of action. I hope more people give it a try. Do you have any channel missions planned?
  9. It defiantly is obscure to Americans. If it were the Spit, it would make sense. Search gear in the controls and you get three results. Only getting test switches or lights.
  10. The Comm menu stops working and I couldn't switch to in cockpit F1 after viewing the map. I'm guessing the server crashed because I couldn't get back on after landing. Any plans to use DCS voice chat?
  11. Does the visibility range setting impact aircraft render range? Does this setting impact aircraft spotting distance?
  12. You don't need anywhere near a 1200 watt power supply. If you want it for the look though, I get it. I have that same power supply. I'm not a fan of the Thermaltake software. It's buggy. I always get a high temp error message but it's just a software bug. As far as RAM, I would get 2x 16GB sticks so you have room to expand.
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