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  1. Ok when i load into dcs world my mouse starts slowing down and not function properly sometimes it move on its own and its very difficult to place the mouse over settings ect to change basics settings as i cant control the mouse. As soon as i close dcs the mouse is fine and moves where i want it to go.
  2. Anybody. i cant even change my controls for my joystick its this hard to controll
  3. Hi i am having issues with my mouse when plane loads up with it moving on its own and when pressing escape ect its very hard to click on what option you need to click on. it only does this after loading up into game itself.
  4. Hi all i had the autoupdate come up on my screen but chose to do it later but some reason now i cant log onto the Raf622 server and would like to know i update 1.5.6 as this may fix it, however when i click on download 1.5 it then says this already installed and cant do nothing else. i am on 1.5.5 version.
  5. Hi all whenever i try to connect to the raff662 server i keep getting a microsoft visual c++ runtime libary error Runtime error program:c\program files\eagle dynamics\dcs world\bin\DCS.exe Can someone please tell me how i fix this as i can log on to other servers like burning skies but not this one. Thanks After i click ok on the Error DCs has stopped working and shuts down
  6. This option is not here i put in my licence key and i bought this back in 2009, there is no order details on my account of black shark only the one i bought last week that was F5-e. I had my key saved in email from 2009 as i always keep my keys
  7. Hi all I gad black shark on my old pc and I still have my activation code but how to I install this without buying it again as this seems to be my only option.
  8. Ok thanks I just thought my track ir weren't working tidy.
  9. Hi all i recently bought the F-5E adn i have my settings on high and use track ir but i am unable to get real close to the control panel as some reason trac ir will only look so far, can someone tell me why this is please or am i doing anything wrong. Thanks I look on youtube videos and i see others get up real close to the panels and also i see that from the main seat point the panels are not as clear as i see on some youbtube videos.
  10. How do I do this?the wire inside the stick of course I can still use it as I put the rudder to the slider button on throttle but not the same,
  11. yes its doing it in my propites to the rudder is going to the right all the time.
  12. Gutted i have just reinstalled lockon as i want to buy fc3 i have just plugged my x52 in and for some reaseon its deciding to go right all the time with the rudder,i aint used it for couple of months and was working fine when last i used it,any body know why this has gone like this?
  13. ok thanks i will take a look now, on last thing i only have the orriginal lock on 1.2 version is this all i need as cant find my fc2
  14. ok thanks and can you tell me if there online game and servers for this please,
  15. they said i cant play it? it only pre purch
  16. Can some body tell me if the game is out as i go to add to cart it then says Pre-purchase "Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 1.2.2 (English download beta version)" So if i buy now will i get game or not?
  17. yes agree but i buy many games with different user accounts and passwords ect. yes should keep account details on paper maybe but dont have this problem when i lost my steam account it was solved withing minutes not days or weeks,alll i want is to have the game i paid for as said the last reply from support was like a little sentence and then like saying tough luck and bye and then i reply straight away for you not to reply for a week again, all needs to be done is like a one on one email conversation to get this sorted out,now i dont thinks this is so difficult i sent them my email details cant they try to send me a email to see if i get it off them and go from there,if not i can send them my sky email add and do it there.
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